Liberal Linguistic Shenanigans

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Liberalism has been called socialism with a human face, but in reality it is the same old stinking inhuman arse which is different only in the sense of having been repackaged with a more modern vocabulary. In this regard, one of the left's most successful acts is to have taken a number of common words with pleasant associations and -- by dint of constant repetition -- to have associated these words with the leftist cause, while taking other common words having negative associations and associating them with causes which the left opposes. In addition to this the left has developed a number of completely novel terms which they use with abandon to insult their enemies. This has not only produced extreme confusion in talking about political and social issues, but has been a critical factor in the significant public acceptance of the liberal poison. To illustrate the problem, I have given below the major terms whose meanings liberals have perverted, along with their original meanings. From these it should be apparent how liberalism has become identified with the liberal high ground when it is in fact a moral and social swamp.

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