Why I Call Myself a Martin Luther King Racist

By John "Birdman" Bryant


I call myself a Martin Luther King racist because I want the best for my race, just like the Rev Martin Luther King wanted the best for his. Certainly no one faults Rev King for wanting what he wanted; so by rights, no one should fault me for wanting the same. In particular, here is what I want:

* I want my race treated equally under the law. I object to laws which discriminate against whites on the basis of race, such as affirmative action, set-asides, 'historical discrimination' and the like.

* I want a man to be judged by the quality of his character rather than by the color of his skin. In particular, I want good men of whatever race to have their good recognized; but I also want people to judge the character of whites as a group by the fact that they have built the greatest civilization on earth; and I want people to judge the character of blacks as a group by the fact that they have moved only from the slavery of the plantation to the slavery of affirmative action jobs, television, drug addiction, criminality, prison and 'de welfare'.

* I want freedom from the oppression of other races. In particular, I want to be free from the oppression of blacks who live off my tax money, and freedom from Jews and their liberal sidekicks who cram 'equality' and 'multiculturalism' down my throat in every possible way, from media propaganda and legal rulings to bussing and other forms of forced race-mixing,

* I want my race to be free from genocidal policies. That means I want to have the freedom to live and work among my own people without the intrusion of forced integration, multiculturalism or the like, whose inevitable result is the destruction of my race.

* I want civil rights for whites. That means the right to use my property as I see fit, the right to associate with -- or not associate with -- whoever I choose, and the right of free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Specifically, I want the following:
** PROPERTY: I want to be able to rent or not rent to whoever I want; or to sell or not sell to whoever I want.
** ASSOCIATION: I want the freedom to have contact with people of different races, but I also want the freedom to NOT have that contact, if I so choose. That means if I want to live in a white neighborhood, or send my kids to a white school, or have only white employees, then I can do so.
** FREE SPEECH: I want to be able to say whatever I want to say about other races without fear of running afoul of 'hate crime' laws.

* I want dignity. I do not want to have the media, the government and the courts constantly telling me how 'evil' my race has been, or how much 'white racism' has negatively affected others, or how much guilt I should feel because blacks, Jews and other minorities are constantly whining.

* I want my race to survive and prosper in its historic homeland. For whites, that homeland is Europe and North America. I am perfectly happy to let blacks have their own homeland in Wonderful Africa, to let Hispanics have their own homeland in Meso- and South America, to let Jews have their own homeland in Israel, and to let Asians have their own homeland in Asia. I believe everyone should have his own place in the sun -- I just don't want other people taking mine.

In short, I want my race to be able to say, "Thank God -- Free at last!"

Thank you, Rev King, for showing the way. I only regret that your ideals seem to have been everywhere abandoned.



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