The Politically-Incorrect Dictionary


By John "Birdman" Bryant


All definitions are original, save for ones given attribution.


Affirmative action: Legalized racial discrimination against whites.

Africa: The proof that, by being enslaved by whites, blacks never had it so good.

African-Americans: (1) A people who were once enslaved, but who now enjoy special privileges as a result of constantly whining that they are oppressed; (2) A people who keep changing their name -- niggers, darkies, colored people, negroes, blacks, Afro-Americans, African-Americans -- because they keep trying to run away from all the unpleasant associations which their behavior keeps attaching to them.

Antisemite: (1) Originally, one who did not like Jews; now, one whom the Jews do not like (Lou Rollins); (2) Someone who dares to break the most rigid taboo of Western civilization, namely, the dictum that the Jews and Israel must not be criticized; (3) Someone who recognizes that the most destructive social movements of recent times -- communism, liberalism, feminism, labor unionism, racial integration, multiculturalism, anti- racism, zionism, the 'civil rights movement', deconstructionism, gun control, and the like -- have all been funded, led and driven by Jews.

Bias: The inclinations generated by the sum total of life experience, especially including the advice from family, friends and other trusted sources.

Bigot: One who disagrees with a liberal.

Black caucus: A bunch of Crows who Caw and Cuss in a place called Incongruous.

Civil rights: Uncivil wrongs for whites.

Compassion: The taking of other people's money in order to pay off the various minority constituencies -- Jews, blacks, homosexuals, hispanics, feminists, immigrants, welfarites, gun controllers, etc -- for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining political power.

Conservative: A liberal who's been mugged. (Unknown)

Discrimination: (1) Preferring the desirable to the undesirable; (2) A policy insufficient to prevent the success of immigrants such as Jews, Asians and Irish, just as affirmative action is a policy insufficient to prevent the failure of blacks.

Equality: The theory that black equals white, dumb equals smart, incompetence equals competence, lies equal truth, and bad equals good.

Feminist: A man-eating tigress; a female with all the vices of women and none of the virtues; a woman who couldn't find a man and couldn't even get work as a whore.

Free speech: Offensive speech.

Gun control: The belief that no one has the right to shoot back.

Hate: The love a white man has for his own people, his own nation and his own culture.

Hate crime law: (1) A law which says that a man who murders out of hate is a worse criminal than one who murders out of greed; (2) A law which provides a greater penalty for an emotion (hate) over which a person has no control than an act (eg, of greed or lust) over which he does.

Handicapped: Your physical equal and moral better.

Hitler: A man who is hated so much by Jews that they are constantly building memorials to his work.

Holocaust: A story that is going up in flames, fed by the fuel of non- existent gas chambers.

Homosexuals: Men who have confused boys with girls, toilet stalls with bedrooms, and lovemaking with frolicking in a sewer.

Jesse Jackson: A man whose expertise in racism comes from referring to New York as 'Hymietown' and serving whites soup into which he had spit.

Jews: A race who created gas chambers out of hot air.

Liberal: Someone who believes it is his moral duty to let minorities take their pleasure in everybody else's backside besides his own.

Mexico: A toilet on which America sits, and which is beginning to back up.

NAACP: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Who Would Be Offended If You Called Them That.

Nigger: A term of denigration used in referring to negroes, and frequently used by negroes to refer to one another, thereby showing that negroes know what they are talking about.

Prejudiced: Less willing to believe what the government tells you about minorities than what you are told by family, friends, or your own eyes.

Racial profiling: The use by police of the well-documented fact that blacks commit crimes at nine times the rate of whites.

Racial slur: An unpleasant truth.

Racism: The desire to live, work, marry and mingle with one's own kind: A nearly-universal desire and virtual law of nature, often expressed as 'Birds of a feather flock together', and denied only by liberals who live and work in areas much too expensive to have any more than a token number of minorities. Racism is so ingrained and universal that it is reflected not once but twice in our language: The word kind (type) and kind (nice) have the same origin, as does the word like (similar) and like (appreciate), from which we infer that we like those whom we are like, and we are kind to those of our own kind.

Social justice: Discrimination against white males in affirmative action, set-asides, and a host of other programs.

Third World: A place that has a great love for whites, provided only they are baked, boiled or roasted.

Welfare: Taking money from the productive and giving it to the unproductive so they can not only remain unproductive, but can breed even more unproductives.

World War II: A war that began with the Jewish declaration of economic war on Nazi Germany in 1933, and hasn't ended yet.

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