Political Correctness -- The Liberal Big Lie

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Political correctness is a form of dishonesty -- it is a refusal to candidly discuss the important facts of race, sex, ethnicity and other groups, in spite of the crying need for such discussion. Sometimes this denial takes the palpably false form of saying that all men are equal, no matter what race or group they belong to; but lately it has taken the more sinister and mendacious form of denying that separate races even exist, instead maintaining that races shade into one another in a sort of rainbow continuum, and that 'there is only one race, the human race'.

It is easy to understand the origin of political correctness -- liberals wanted to 'be nice' to their little brown brothers and various other inferiors, so they ignored differences, hoping that, with white cultural uplifting and the relaxation of racial laws and taboos, the inferior groups would come into their own. But when the liberal hope did not materialize because the differences were biological rather than cultural, the liberals refused to admit they had been wrong and the 'evil' conservatives right, and instead compounded their mistake by turning it into a liberal Big Lie: Not only did they raise their rhetorical volume in the hope of drowning out truth, but they moved en masse to 'nicer neighborhoods' where they wouldn't be bothered by the realities they were denying. But in all their 'niceness', liberals were of course not nice at all: Not only were they not nice to lower-class 'redneck' whites, who could not afford to move or put their kids in private schools, but they were not nice even to blacks, who had been built up by liberals as the white man's equal, but were now discovering that the equality which liberals so loudly proclaimed just didn't exist. Needless to say, blacks had to salve their egos over this discovery, just like liberals had to do by denying they were wrong, so once again blacks did what the liberals told them to do, namely, to 'blame whitey' for his 'racism'. This was a tragedy of major proportions; for it was but a short step for blacks to became angry, frustrated and hateful toward whites, whereas before the intervention of liberals, not only had they rightfully admired whites and looked to them as an inspiration and a model, but they were actually beginning to achieve a measure of success toward the American Dream.

But political correctness is more than just dishonesty; for if it is not abysmal ignorance of what simple observaton tells, then it is cowardice for the unwillingness to speak out in a country noted for its right to free speech against what is nowadays considered the 'common wisdom' of 'equality'. Such cowardice is unfortunately reinforced by a false sense of moral superiority: Political correctees seem to think that, because 'racism', 'sexism', 'antisemitism' and the like are popularly regarded as 'evil', one may acquire a halo by denouncing them or the people who espouse them, in spite of the fact that such moral posturing carries virtually no risk, and thus at best is vacuous as a moral statement. It is a shame that the blood of political correctees is not at this moment filling the gutters of our land; and the tragedy is that, before it can happen, the blood of patriots will have to fill the gutters first.


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