Two Theories of Free Speech

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Free speech has been a tradition of Western man for many centuries, and some of the most famous documents in Western literature pay homage to it or argue in favor of it -- John Milton's Areopagitica and the First Amendment to the American Constitution being only two. But what is so important about free speech? For one thing, as I have explained in detail elsewhere, free speech is necessary to let people know when they have gone wrong: Error is not something people are usually ready to admit, or even to see; so the ability of critics to speak freely is vital if mistakes are to be recognized and corrected. But besides error correction, free speech is important because it marks the difference between barbarism and civilization -- it is the cultural watershed wherein men agree to settle their differences by argument, negotiation, arbitration or referendum, rather than by violence or threats of violence to their opponents.

But if free speech is obviously important, this obviousness is often overlooked by way of the effort to spare embarrassment to individuals or groups. Governments have always been especial enemies of free speech, because governments do not like to be embarrassed, and governments have the power of making law. Recently, however, governments have acquired a new excuse for suppressing free speech, namely, to keep the peace among minority populations in this now-multicultural world. The theory here -- tho not usually expressed quite this bluntly -- is that minorities, and particularly the primitive blacks -- have a tendency to riot at the drop of an epithet; so suppressing 'hate speech' will act as a preventative for rioting and other forms of racial disturbance.

The above theory, however, goes directly against another theory of free speech which I have never seen made explicitly, but which surely must have been thought of by those who have written on this topic, namely, that it is not expressions of hate that lead to conflict so much as it is CONFLICT WHICH LEADS TO EXPRESSIONS OF HATE. This can be seen, for example, in the conflict between whites and Indians over possession of the American continent: The races did not have a conflict because they hated each other, but came to hate each other -- and express that hate -- because they had a conflict. Likewise, in the modern world, there is a conflict between Jews and other races -- mainly whites -- over power, and this conflict, as more and more whites become aware of it, has led to increasing expressions of antisemitism among whites. All this, however, leads to an entirely different perspective on free speech, namely, that free speech may reduce conflict by allowing verbal or other symbolic expressions of hate to reduce the felt need for violent expression of that hate. This new theory, then, says that free speech can act as a sort of safety valve for otherwise-violent impulses, and in this sense, then, is perfectly compatible with social harmony, and supportive of it.

While the theory that suppressing free speech in order to keep a lid on conflict may have a superficial plausibility, it ignores not only the reasons which we outlined above in favor of free speech, but also the fact that the multicultural society which the New World Orderlies have prepared for us is no longer a society composed of men from the white race which established Western civilization and the tradition of free speech integral to that civilization. Instead, the NWO has turned our society into a conglomeration of peoples from all sorts of different cultures, mostly non-Western, who have no appreciation of Western values and whose degree of civilization is questionable at best. In effect, then, the NWO policies which have brought 'multiculturalism' to the West -- immigration, integration, welfare, open borders, 'free trade', etc -- are policies which are destroying Western civilization; and the assault on free speech, while superficially seeming to be 'needed' under multiculturalism, is, along with multiculturalism itself, actually just another means of destroying Western civilization.

The destructive effect of restricting free speech is worse than merely dynamiting another pillar of our civilization, however; for it also blocks the possibility of peaceful change: In the words of JFK, "Whatever makes peaceful change impossible makes violent revolution inevitable." This, however, may be precisely the plan of the NWO; for as the party in charge of governments and their armies and police, they may hope to precipitate violence in order to draw out the revolutionaries whom they can then finish off with their superior firepower.

In conclusion it may be noted that the theory that suppressing free speech reduces conflict is actually a theory of what might be called 'short time preference' -- it may work in the short run, but is woefully inadequate in the long. This, of course, contrasts with the theory that free speech reduces conflict, which should be seen as the long-term approach to conflict. A particular point of interest here is that, as we have explained elsewhere, races have different time preferences, with blacks having a short time preference (ie, a desire for immediate satisfaction, in preference to a delayed but possibly greater future one), and whites a long term one. This was adaptive for blacks in the abundance of Africa, but nonadaptive for whites, whose northern clime required long-term planning and abstention from immediate satisfaction. In the matter of free speech we see the NWO exhibiting an analog to short-time preference: Just as negroes prefer to riot now and not worry about tomorrow, so the New World Orderlies prefer to suppress free speech and let society explode somewhere down the pike. For myself, I would prefer to see both have a long-term sojourn in Hell.


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