Birdman's Weekly Letter #488:
New Political Party Revisited

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Date: July 08, 2008
To: The usual suspects
From: John Bryant
Re: Birdman's Weekly Letter #488: New Political Party Revisited
Contents: Opinion (as always)
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New Political Party Revisited

Dear Friends:

This past year we have witnessed the magnificent failure of Ron Paul in his quest for the Republican nomination for President. It was magnificent because Ron was a credible Establishment-type candidate, because he said a good many of the things that people have been desperate to hear, and because people gave him their money hand over fist. OK, so Ron didn't make it, but we can build on the foundation of his failed campaign. We can build on it because we know the people are hungry for his type of program, and they will respond with their money when they see the possibilities. And money is what we need to get our message out, and to build credibility so that we can outflank the current political establishment.

So what do I have in mind? Let's call it a new political party. In fact, let's call it the White Liberationist Libertarian Political Party (WLLPP, pronounced WALLOP Party -- after all, we have the clear capability of walloping our opposition if we can just get the word out.) We don't have to make it into a formal political party -- instead, what we want is an ORGANIZATION which can function in the political world, which we can use to get our message out at the time when our message will put the other parties' messages to shame, and which can take advantage of the opportunities for publicity offered by the federal government, in particular, the opportunity for reduced-cost air time that Jim Condit Jr has pioneered in using, and the opportunity to use public access cable time to show videos that will help our cause. Beyond this, we can use talk radio and TV to put our program forward, in those cases where we can persuade talk hosts to put us on the air -- a real possibility during political champaigns when the establishment candidates have nothing of interest to say.

But there is another reason for doing all this, which is that we do not now have a viable white rights organization -- the National Alliance is shot, David Duke doesn't hunt, and there is no other organization that does anything besides sell books and trinkets, with the possible exception of Richard Barrett's Crosstar/Skinheadz, which is too narrowly focused to midwife a political party. Beyond this, pro-white organizations have focused on white issues exclusively, whereas the reality is that white rights should be seen as one issue of several which ultimately proceed from the basically-libertarian issue of too much centralized power. That is, if we can fight our political battles on the wider battleground of libertarianism, we have a better chance of attracting broad support, because we will not only be addressing issues that are important to our cause, but we will be poised to capture a libertarian constituency which has been abandoned by the Libertarian Party because its program does not address the real issues, the most central of which is race.

So what, then, am I proposing? Ultimately, what I want to see created is an organization of people who are willing to go public and participate in the political process, and who will be united by the basic ideas which I set forth in my proposal of some months ago concerning the formation of a WLLPP. The purpose is not to 'get elected', tho we may hope for this ultimately; rather the purpose is education and recruitment, and to provide an organized political philosophy that will help people to think in the right directions about the central issues.

But there is a problem besides the usual ones, to wit, that a lot of folks who cluster around regard themselves as National Socialists. Without intending to give offense to these many excellent and dedicated individuals, I have to say that being an adherent of National Socialism in the present day, except perhaps in a nostalgic sense, is a major political non-starter. Whatever feelings one may have about Hitler as a great man, howevermuch one feels that his handling of the Jews was right, and no matter how much of a thrill one may get out of viewing 'Triumph of the Will' for the Nth time, the fact is that NS is NOT a 'political philosophy', but was only a program for 1930s Germany, most of which is simply irrelevant to the present day. Even worse, NS is absolutely unsalable as a political movement. And for a third thing, NS is a virtual OPPOSITE of the principle which the 'Ron Paul Revolution' was all about, namely FREEDOM, and more specifically, FREEDOM FROM BIG UGLY GOVERNMENT. More to the point, NS is by its very nature authoritarian (or perhaps totalitarian), and this is the very problem with the present government in Washington: We The People are supposed to have some control over our government, but authoritarianism has set in, and we have become powerless as a result. Hitler's government may have been a great one, and may have been just the thing needed for the troubled time he was in, but Lord Acton's dictum remains a general law -- that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely -- so that instituting an authoritarian government of the NS variety is just an act of trying to repair the present government by replacing it with one where there is even less constraint on governmental abuse than there is now. To which I say a resounding NO THANKS. But on the other hand, if NS is a political non-starter, the fact remains that a political program based on freedom IS politically salable, as the 'Ron Paul Revolution' has demonstrated in spades. And not only is it salable, but it is perfectly compatible with white rights and white liberation. So I say, abandon the costumes, abandon the Roman salutes, abandon the 14/88s and all the other trappings and fantasies that harken back to the 1930s, and start putting your energy into something which will actually do the job that needs to be done.

And now I present to you a non-exhaustive political platform which, in conjunction with my earlier writing on the WLLPP, which can be found at

sets forth a program which can unite us and produce a viable political organization. This platform is really just a different and less-complete form of what I wrote for the WLLPP, but its format may be more useful for the purpose of making the program's points. What I want you, the reader, to do is to read the material and then tell me if you are willing to come out of the closet and get involved in some substantive way. What I have uppermost in my mind is following the program that Jim Condit has been encouraging -- becoming a candidate for a federal office, and using this status to get low-cost uncensored political ads. There is no reason to limit one's activities to this, however, for one can also do things like public speaking, radio and tv and the like. More specifically, what I want to find is 100 people who are willing to do this sort of thing, and this, then, will be the nucleus of our Party. Nobody wants to feel they are doing this kind of thing alone, but if everyone knows there are 99 (or howevermany) others who are doing the same thing, then they become willing to participate a lot more readily. If I can find 100 people -- or at least some substantive number -- who are willing to be the 'starter group', then we can get started. If not, well then I have to ask, If you are so god-damned timid or complacent, then don't you DESERVE to be slaves of the Jews?

Here is my program:

Program for a New Political Party

Present-day politicians and their parties are extremely vulnerable because they are ignoring the will of the people in just about every issue. If we want to change this state of affairs, then there is one very simple way to do it -- simple, that is, in conception, tho not necessarily in execution: Create a political party whose platform says "all the right things." And what are those right things? Here is a list of what came off the top of my head in a recent evening:

* We will cut taxes by at least 50 percent by scaling back the federal government. Some of the ways in which we will do this are stated below.

* We will eliminate the income tax, in favor of either a land tax or a sales tax. A land tax has the virtue of being objective and unobtrusive. A sales tax has the virtue of encouraging thrift rather then spending.

* Those who are covered by the Social Security system should get their full pensions, but the right to opt out in favor of some other system in the private sector should be provided, and eventually made mandatory.

* We will eliminate inflation by reducing the circulation of currency whenever there is a rise in the price of a market basket of commodities, and increasing the circulation when there is a reduction in price of that market basket. This will encourage thrift and turn people's concern away from 'investments' and towards creation of useful goods and services.

* We will end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home.

* We will close all of the hundreds (thousands?) of American foreign bases which are not relevant to our national defense.

* We will end foreign aid. Especially important is that we will end foreign aid to Israel, which has taken well over 100 BILLION dollars of American taxpayer money. It is time for Israel to learn to support itself. And if Israel has to fend for itself in the world, it will make peace with the Arabs, because it will no longer be able to wag the American dog and command its military might.

* We oppose all 'hate crime' legislation, which is nothing more than criminalizing a state of mind, and will seek to have all such laws repealed.

* We will legalize all drugs. There is no right more important than the right to decide what one will put into his own body. But on the other hand, we will hold all people fully responsible for their own behavior, so that 'being drunk' or 'being on drugs' will not constitute an excuse for anything.

* We oppose all drunk driving laws. Drinking and driving should not be a crime -- only driving that causes accidents or endangers others.

* We will eliminate all government bureaucracy except the departments of State and Defense. (HUGE SAVINGS!)

* We oppose all laws which discriminate against whites, including especially affirmative action and school integration.

* We oppose minimum wage laws, which effectively remove opportunities for the young, the unskilled, and those just entering the job market.

* We oppose government-imposed professional licensing which excludes talented people from professions just because they don't have the proper 'credentials'.

* Public schools should be eliminated. They are nothing but dens of crime, drugs and racial conflict whose primary effort is to condition students to believe in political correctness and other forms of government mythology, and which spend most of the time just making students behave. Private schools should have a free hand to select their students.

* We will largely eliminate both crime and racial conflict by making America a largely white country again. In particular, we propose to offer blacks a substantial payment -- say, $100,000 -- to renounce their citizenship and go elsewhere, and to require sterilization in exchange for welfare if they remain. (Note: Blacks are only 13 percent of the population, but commit 50 percent of the crime.) As for illegal immigrants -- particularly Hispanics -- we propose to round them up like Ike did in the 50's when he got rid of thousands, or else to pressure employers not to hire them by making it risky and costly to do so.

* We will eliminate torture, secret prisons, and all aspects of the Police State which this nation is rapidly becoming.

* We will eliminate 'case law', and turn judication over to private industry. We have explained our plan elsewhere.

* We will insist on a thorough investigation of 911. We are certain that it was a conspiracy involving the Israeli Mossad (Secret Service) and major elements of our government, and we want the evidence for this to be publicly presented by the media and to a properly composed investigative panel.

* We believe that America should be economically independent, because such independence is the surest way to insure against attack. Thus all foreign trade should be only of non-essentials, and all other goods and services should be taxed at entry to an amount that will make them of equal or greater expense than American made products.

* Corporations in America should be wholly owned by Americans. No foreigners should be allowed to own American businesses, American stock, or American land.

* Dual citizenship should not be allowed. In particular, if Jews want Israeli citizenship, then they should go to live in Israel permanently. And if Jews want to give big bucks to Israel's upkeep, they should be asked to leave America. We cannot have a nation of people with divided loyalties.

* Because of the problem of electronic vote manipulation by computer, the secret ballot should be abolished except for those who specifically request one. All other votes should be tallied and subject to public inspection.

There are many more things to be said, but I believe these comprise a substantial portion of the major ones. So how about it?


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