The Homicidal-Gas-Chambers Theory of 'Revisionist'
David Irving

By Germar Rudolf


Dr Robert Faurisson, one of the world's most fearless Revisionists, has consistently claimed that the homicidal gassing claim is a lie. Any Revisionist who cannot follow him into making such a statement is challenged to provide the evidence: "Show me or draw me the gas chamber!"

Frienships have fractured on this vital issue, and any individual who has claimed that a limited number of gassings may have occurred, has to date not delivered the goods to Faurisson.

David Irving claims there were limited gassings in the two farm houses outside of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp perimeter, of which Fritjof Meyer speaks in his controversial article.For Faurisson such a belief is tantamount to believing in the Devil! Horst Mahler in his current Berlin court case fearlessly points out that the gassing claims are a lie.

Any Revisionist who is soft on the homicidal gassing libel is thereby also soft on asking for evidence from those who claim gassings occurred. There is no escaping Faurisson's challenge, to show or to draw the alleged murder weapon - the homicidal gass chambers.

Germar Rudolf
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