Letters About Irving


Letters from Alexander Baron:

Date: 10/11/03 3:52 PM From: Alexander Baron To: john@thebirdman.org Copy: Subject: John, not sure if I sent you this before - please feel free to use it as you will



Mr Baron

I have been shown a remarkably nasty piece of writing entitled CRACKS IN THE HOLOCAUST MYTH which appears to have emanated from your e-mail address. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and invite you to repudidate this article within the next twenty-four hours by e-mail or in writing (you know my London address). You will be aware that I know your address in London too, and it is well within the jurisdiction.

David Irving


To The Senior Officer, 93c Venner Road, Tottenham Court Road Police Station. Sydenham, London SE26 5HU. 0181 659 7713 E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK

3 September 1998

Dear Sir,

I received the enclosed E-mail this morning; I believe that the man who sent it, David Irving, lives within your bailiwick, at 81 Duke Street, London W1. You probably know of him; he is a "his- torian" of sorts and has been involved in a number of controver- sies over the years, mostly of his own making.

To say this E-mail gives me cause for concern is an understate- ment. In November 1991 he invited me to his flat on the pretext of giving me a world exclusive interview. When I arrived there he drove me with an accomplice to another place, somewhere in North London, on another pretext, where he wanted me to pose for ob- scene photographs. When I refused point blank he did his best to sodomise me but fortunately was prevented by his accomplice. I didn't report this at the time but when I was raided by Holborn Police in May 1993 on trumped-up charges they found one of the photographs he'd taken and given me as a "souvenir" and which I had kept hoping to expose him to the press.

Irving has powerful friends and I was warned several times that if I ever did expose him that something very unpleasant would happen to me. In October 1994 I did expose him and published a 150 page book including as much documentation as possible. I know from my own sources that Irving knows about this book, indeed it would be impossible for him not to. He has never brought any sort of defamation action against me or applied for an injunction, he wouldn't dare.

He also knows that I am not worth suing for libel so his refer- ence to knowing my address and its being "well within the juris- diction" can only mean one thing; that I am well within his jurisdiction and any time he likes he can have me dealt with. I have enough problems of my own at the moment and I don't need to be hospitalised by Irving or any of his thugs. As I said, he also has powerful friends, including people you wouldn't suspect.

Yours sincerely, A Baron


93c Venner Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5HU. 0181 659 7713 E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK

24 September 1998

Dear Mr Dancy,

Further to our telephone conversation earlier this evening, I have dug out the following number from my database: 0171 499 9409. I am fairly certain this was Irving's fax number a few years ago though I believe he has a phone/fax. He trades as Focal Point and I am fairly sure I have seen this number given on a Focal Point publication, although I can't be sure. If it is not valid then I am sure that the Sunday Times, the Guardian, or any other major newspaper will dig out his number for you. As far as I know he is still living at 81 Duke Street, London W1, although he travels a lot.

As I said, the E-mail he sent me sounds fairly innocuous, but I read something else into it, and as in recent months people, including a particularly obnoxious CPS lawyer, have read all manner of innuendo into my otherwise totally innocuous correspon- dence, I think I am entitled to do the same thing on this occa- sion. There are other circumstances which I should mention.

On August 28, 1997 I saw Irving at the Public Record Office. He recognised me, I'm sure. On another occasion, earlier this year if I recall, I saw him there again and he followed me into the toilet, or seemed to. Then later when I was eating in the rest- aurant he came down and sat opposite. It's easy to get paranoid about things like this but like I said there is no way he could not have known about my book, and if he says he doesn't, then he is a liar. But he's a liar anyway.

Another thing is that for the past few weeks I've been getting threatening/nuisance phone calls from somebody in the United States; I call him the Trans-Atlantic arsehole, whoever he is, but he has obviously been reading the same newsgroups as Irving. I was so concerned about this that I contacted British Telecom and their Nuisance Call Bureau put a trace on my line, but be- cause the calls come from outside the UK they are unable to trace them further. If you contact Lesley Gravett at the Nuisance Call Bureau she will confirm this.

Yours sincerely, A Baron


-- Alexander Baron


Date: 10/11/03 3:53 PM From: Alexander Baron To: john@thebirdman.org Copy: Subject: Toben's ritual and ritual murder

I really do think Toben has a serious bee in his bonnet. Whatever, he is not "one of us". As I told him, I was extremely embarrassed about messing up the airport appointment but his further claim is curious because he told me at the time that he was literally passing through. Anyway, as the saying goes: Fuck 'im.

There are though a few questions Toben might like to ask Irving and others:

1) if my story is a load of old tosh, what was the meaning of the fake ticket Irving sent me? This venue was infested with homosexuals. How did Irving know about it? Why go to the extraordinary lengths of printing that ticket?

2) Does he deny that two "love letters" were stolen from his flat by an associate, who subsequently sold them to me? Before he does deny this, let him be aware that as far as I know these letters are extant, complete with the envelopes. Nick Griffin has, or should still have them. It was probably these that convinced him, and which led him to plug my work shamelessly.

3) What was the meaning of the advertisement that appeared in the now defunct "Capital Gay"?

4) Why did two leading members of Organised Jewry in Britain meet me at a plush hotel and offer me a grand to spy on Irving yet refuse to help me get the story into print?

5) Why has there been a wall of silence about my revelations? Not even a snide comment in the "Jewish Chronicle"?

6) Why, if he is such a pariah, did Irving entertain a journalist from the "Jewish Chronicle" immediately after his failed libel action?

7) Why was Irving's first response to my charges made only in September 1998 when he sent me a threatening E-mail reminding me that he knows where I live, and which I forwarded to the police?

On an entirely different subject, you might find the enclosure of interest; I've already posted it to usenet. Unless one subscribes to the doubtful belief that Jews are somehow morally superior to Africans, one must concede that the outrage that always greets allegations of "Jewish" ritual murder is misplaced. And that the late Lady Birdwood deserves an apology.

-- Alexander Baron


Letter from P:

Letter sent to P by G (Re: TheBryant-DavidIrvingOpenLetter):

We should get as many people into Auschwitz and Treblinka as possible and just keep repeating the tests and take them to court. It would be difficult to deny it! Anti descrimination laws still allow for scientific investigation.

All this stuff Irving and others put out is a vehicle to earn money. They are doing what the yids do in that regard. The last thing revisionist authors want is for the jews to tell the truth about the holocaust as it will destroy their capacity to earn a living.

All info is irrevelent when compared with the science!

Letter from P to R (Re: TheBryant-DavidIrvingOpenLetter ):

I was warned about DI by some German friends who were assigned to be his chauffeur when he was on his German tours. They told me his friendship to Germany extended only as far as the DM (deutsche Mark) I sent him money a couple of times, supplied him with a lot of photomaterial that he now uses on his website and in his court cases (and which he labels as David Irving archive photos) although I took them. I never received a receipt nor acknowledgement.

Not only that but when I sent him some stuff I wrote and asked him to use my pseudonym he printed my real name on the website article....that was the last time I sent him anything.

During his trial, when he was still posting out regular updates etc I wrote to him making him aware of some photo- forgeries being used in court and only got back a very curt 'Dont have time for that now' . I think if photos are being produced in a court battle that its damned important to know if they are forgeries or not!!

I've also proven to him that some stuff hes using on his website is UNTRUE English propaganda ie: the stories of how the British 'Intelligence' supposedly secretly taped conversations of German Officers....I did some intensive research into the recording equipment available in those days and found it HIGHLY improbable that the English secret services could have used that equipment in the way they claim. Plus the alleged statements were very UNgermanlike. Germans in those days did not converse like Jewish Hollywood actors do today...but thats the sort of conversation Irving has on his website attributed to high German officers.

I will not condemn him just because hes gotten himself into some serious DooDoo but how naive must he be NOT to realise that the British Legal and Police system is brimming over with Hebrews, Masons and German haters. The city of London DEPENDS on the US$$$$ and has done so since at least WW1. Anyone who goes up against 'Those-of-whom-one-dare-not-complain-about ' before a Court in our Western world is doomed, because Justice is NOT a Talmudic concept.



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