More Dirt on David Irving from Germar Rudolf

Assembled by John "Birdman" Bryant

Germar Rudolf writes to Dr Fredrick Toben 30 December 2005

This must be published: Once and for all -- David Irving is a disgrace for historians and revisionists alike. He does not know what he is talking about. The well-known H√∂tle report on the deportation figures through the Aktion Reinhardt camps was discussed in Mattogno‚€™s book on Belzec [- obtainable through Michael Santomauro at ] where it is reproduced in the document appendix. Nothing in it indicates that the numbers mentioned in it are numbers of killed inmates. ...

David Irving never reads the books of other authors, and most certainly not those of revisionists, as he despises revisionist scholars.

He himself told me the fact of his never reading revisionist books. Hence he is an ignorant fool and he should be treated as such.


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