Subject: Paul Grubach's "friendship" with David Irving
Dear Mr. X,
Many thanks for your recent email concerning David Irving, in which you write: "David I was rude to me in person some years ago and accused me of "spamming" him on his web site.  I will never say a bad word about his writing, but personally, he is a big Brit arsehole!!!"
What is interesting to note is that the Revisionist scholar who all of us like and admire, Germar Rudolf, once gave me a similar assessment of Mr. Irving.  He said: "David Irving is a fine historian.  But he is the biggest ashole under God's own sun.  He has no friends."
Just recently, he again has shown the repulsive and dark side to his character.  Go to  
In regard to the "Irving-Grubach" war, everything had died down, and I had no intention whatsoever starting it up again.  I just wanted peace and to get on with the business of Revisionism.  And then, Irving used the tragic and unfortunate death of Charles Provan to launch an unprovoked propaganda assault on Paul Grubach.  Like I said, this tells you something about the character of David Irving.  He uses an obituary to launch assaults on people!!
I first met David Irving at an Institute for Historical Review (IHR) conference in the late 1980s.  I made the mistake of trying to congratulate him on some of his books.  He was very rude to me in return, and just brushed me off.
At the IHR conference in 1990, Joe Fields and I were the security guards.  I still vividly recall David Irving's pompous and vain behavior.  He showed up with this arrogant English woman who refused to smile or speak to anyone.  He put up this large photograph of himself, sat in the corner with this presumed girlfriend, and then he also refused to speak with anyone or even smile!!!!!
Joe and I continually laughed and joked about the arrogance of the man!!   Apparently, Joe and I said, all attendees were supposed to bow down and worship the huge photograph of David Irving!!  I again approached him to congratulate him on some of his books.  This time he simply--literally!!--pushed me aside, mumbled something, and walked away.
Sometime in the past decade, David Irving "befriended" me.  He knew I was willing to loan him money.  This is, I believe, the sole reason he ever associated with me.  He was having financial problems, and he needed money to maintain his extravagant/jet-set lifestyle.  After all, it takes a lot of money to spend months on end vacationing and writing in Key West, Florida.
Initially, he returned the money I loaned him.  However, things changed with the 2004 loan.  I loaned him $2000.  He told me over the phone that he definitely, positively, would return the money in one year with interest.  He even wrote this into the loan agreement. 
When the time came to return my money in 2005, he initially refused to even return the principal!!  I told him that I would let him keep the interest as long as he would return the principal ($2000).  I direly needed the money, as my mother (who I took care of for 13 years) had just passed away and I needed it to pay her outstanding medical bills.  It is only after I threatened legal action that he reluctantly returned the $2000.  
I allowed him to pocket the interest.  The arrogant, pompous bastard did not even thank me for this!!! 
I've received numerous reports that he has allegedly cheated and stole money from well meaning and good patriots and revisionists.
I agree with the assessment of Germar Rudolf.  I give David Irving credit for his contributions to Revisionist history, but as a human being, he is a somewhat sordid and repulsive character.
Paul Grubach   

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