Letter to Antioch: Animals

By John "Birdman" Bryant


August 31, 1994

To: James E Crowfoot, President Antioch College Yellow Springs OH 45387

Dear President Crowfoot:

I am writing in response to your circular letter dated August 1994 announcing your presidency and filled with the usual platitudes and other empty sentences which such letters customarily contain. My reason for writing is to ask a question which I am sure must be on the minds of many associated with Antioch, namely, What are you going to do about the scourge of political correctness which has made Antioch a laughingstock among so- called institutions of higher learning which, as a group, are themselves laughingstocks, and for the same reason?

Since your name is Crowfoot, I assume this means you are an affirmative- action hire filling the Indian quota in order to assuage the Board of Trustees' collective liberal guilt. (Please excuse my political incorrectness in not referring to you as "Native American", but I happen to be a native American -- having been born here -- and besides, your ancestors were also invaders (from Asia), and most likely they practiced a bit of genocide on the "Native Americans", too, except they didn't leave any survivors to whine and groan about it.) If so, then perhaps this means you will carry on with the programs of political correctness and other liberal nonsense that have turned you into a college president. But on the other hand, perhaps there is hope, since a good many people of the minority persuasion over whom the liberals fawn so sickeningly despise liberal nonsense, and acquiesce to it only because it is to their personal or ethnic advantage.

One aspect of the political correctness crapola that I am especially interested in knowing about is whether you are going to try to get the Antioch student body -- and for that matter, the faculty -- free of the sorts of inner city animals that turned a once-beautiful campus into a quasi-ghetto with graffiti on any wall space that didn't have an armed guard. And speaking of animals, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason that former Antioch president Guskin the Disgustin' created the infamous sexual harassment code was in order to deal -- ever so gently -- with those affirmatively-obnoxious inner-city animals who expected to fuck their white middle-class bitches just the same as they fucked their black ghetto ones. So tell me -- did it work, or did they just say, in their gentle ghetto style, Fuck off, white mother-fucker?

If this letter seems impertinent, I do hope you will forgive me, since it is not really directed at you, but rather at the liberal idiots who have been running Antioch -- into the ground, I might add. And if you -- or they -- find it offensive, I do hope someone will realize that I have written it only because I find offensive the liberal lunacies which these folks have been ramming down our throats and up our butts for yea so many years. So how about chucking the platitudes and giving us some straight talk about political correctness to clear the air?

Copies for publication to: The Antiochian, The Antioch Record, COMCIL, ADCIL, the Board of Trustees

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