The Letter Peter Brimelow Wouldn't Answer

By John "Birdman" Bryant


To: Peter Brimelow/ ( )
From: John 'Birdman' Bryant
Re: The missing link that explains pretty much everything -- da Jooz!!

Y'know, Peter, it's a funny thing that I would have to make fun of myself and the subject I am about to discuss before I even discuss it.

But I do have to, because the subject is so taboo that people practically run screaming from the room when it is brought up. In fact, it is so taboo that even people who are Establishment figures with sterling credentials who have dared to tread upon the thin ice of Political Incorrectness ALSO run screaming from the room EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE PUBLISHED BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT, and if you don't believe me, I will prove it to you shortly.

Like I said, Peter, that subject is DA JOOZ. Again, I make fun of the subject by implying that only ignorant spastic-armed pick-nose hillbillies would take it up, as if this message is not broadcast to everyone in the Western world a hundred times a day thanks to the Conventional Media which (Gasp!!!!!) are UNDER THEIR CONTROL (Gasp!!!!!! again!) In fact, Peter, some people even call them the JEWSMEDIA!!!! (DOUBLE Gasp!!!!!)

Now if you can spare me one more ritualistic act of cleansing so that I may achieve the right to actually speak on the subject of Jews, let me make the following two points:

First, I actually LIKE Jews, at least as individuals. (This point, of course, is to disable the 'hater' subroutine which is invariably trotted out by the 'anti-anti-semites', as Murray Rothbard used to call them, not that I necessarily need help from a dead Jew whom I have criticized more than any other single person in DA HOLE WURLD, altho that criticism had absolutely nothing to do with his Jewishness.)

And second, my liking of Jews is not some warm fuzzy feeling conjured up from the distance of some isolated ivory tower, but is based on the close personal associations with Jews which I have had thruout my life -- I have lived with Jews, made love to their women, danced their dances, and admired them to the point of almost feeling as if I were a Jew myself.

OK, the cleansing rituals are over, Peter, so let's cut to the chase and actually talk about the subject.

Now here is the ugly fact of the matter: The Jews are very bad news for America and Western civilization.

ASIDE: By 'the Jews' I mean Organized Jewry -- I do not mean ordinary Jews, who in large measure are just as ignorant about the mayhem being perpetrated on the West as the ordinary gentile. I do, however, leave open the question of where Organized Jewry ends and ordinary Jews begin, because ordinary Jews obviously support organized Jewry both financially and in spirit, believing -- wrongly -- that the acts of Organized Jewry are 'good for Jews'. Similarly, I also leave open several other important questions, including the following:

* Can Jews and gentiles live happily together without the Jews running gentile civilization into the ground, or does the 'dual loyalty' of Jews (to their country of residence, and to Judah/Israel) mean Jews should be isolated in pales or ghettoes, as they have been for so many centuries, so they do not harm gentiles and so gentiles do not harm them?

* Does the real source of 'Jewish trouble' lie with 'the Zionists', who seek to promote Israel above all others, and who have hooked America into doing its bidding? (This idea is encapsulated in the (popular-in-some-corners) phrase 'Zionist Occupied Government', or ZOG, which the American government and those of other Western nations are supposed to be.)

* Does the real source of 'Jewish trouble' lie with the 'banksters' or 'Money Power', which is largely Jewish but not completely so, and particularly does the problem lie with the enormously wealthy Jewish elite, especially the Rothschilds and Rockefellers (Yes, the Rocks are Jewish, even if also Baptist!), who have been influencing world events for the last 200 years or so?

* Does the real source of 'Jewish trouble' lie with the Freemasons, who are said to be strongly influenced by Jews, and who are supposedly a shill for 'the Illuminati' which traces its origins back to Adam Weishaupt and May Day of 1776?

But enuf of asides, already. The point I made, and want to keep focused on, is that Jews are very bad news for America and the West. I do not say this lightly: I have been investigating this question for YEARS. The result of my investigations include a 400-page book -- important essays from which are posted on my website -- plus a large collection of articles which I have carefully culled from years of reading and from the dozens which are sent to me on a daily basis. The point I am getting at is this: Whether you agree with me or not about the Bad News Jews, you at least must admit that there is a HUGE FESTERING ISSUE HERE WHICH A GREAT MANY PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY UPSET ABOUT. And if there is an issue of that size, Peter, the question that needs to be answered is, WHY IN HELL IS IT NOT BEING DISCUSSED ON YOUR WEBSITE? I mean, you discuss most of the other issues of race and ethnicity, and you are not afraid to call a spade a spade or a Latrino a Mexcrement in diagnosing the ills of our country, so why the total blackout on discussing Jews? And it can't just be because you 'specialize' in Turd-worlders and other higgeldy minorities, because -- as I and many other writers on the Jewish Question have pointed out again and again -- the underlying problem of the higgeldy minorities is (GASP!!!!!) DA JOOZ!!!!

OK, maybe you don't agree with that. Fine -- no problem. It isn't required. The only thing that is required is that you EXHIBIT ENUF INTELLECTUAL HONESTY TO DISCUSS AN ISSUE RELEVANT TO YOUR OWN WHICH A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE UPSET ABOUT. And I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE. My site is one of the most popular on the web, and Jews are a (and perhaps THE) central issue, so we don't need a rocket scientist to tell us that the Jewish Question is upsetting a lot of folks. In fact, it is so bad that it is even upsetting a lot of JEWS -- Jews who see that, if Organized Jewry keeps on with its schemes, all of Judah is going to get blamed and everyone who is Jewish is going to end up in concentration camps -- or worse.

OK, so now we come to the question of why you are so assiduously avoiding the Jewish Question on Vdare. One obvious possibility is that the Jewish Question is 'just too controversial' -- you can take the heat from the Black Question, but you just can't get it up enuf to go All The Way. And you figure that your readers will go along with this, because you think they will feel that getting a weak erection is better than having no erection at all -- ie, that discussing the Black Question is good, even if the Jews get ignored.

But that's just it, Peter -- it's not good enuf, because unless you include the Jews, the plague of multiculturalism and political correctness just doesn't make sense. In particular, how can you explain the fact that multiculturalism and political correctness have fastened their vise-like grip on the throat of the entire Western world in only the last 50 years? How could the world suddenly move in such a short time from a state of racial segregation and an absence of racial conflict to a rising tide of color which is inundating ALL Western countries and putting all the races and ethnicities at one another's throats? The truth, Peter, is that all this makes absolutely no sense unless you can see the hand of the international nation of Jews who have used their very great influence in all the Western countries to bring this on. There is no way under heaven that this could have suddenly happened in every single Western country unless it was an internationally coordinated effort, brought on by influential people in key positions with the ability to pass out lots of money and administer lots of arm-twisting. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which group was the only one to have the money, influence and desire to bring this about.

Like my friend Ed Steele says, "It's the Jews, stupid."

So why, then, are you not dealing with the Jewish Question, right along with the Black Question, the Latrino/Mexcrement Question, and all the other Politically Incorrect Questions that you jump into with great joy and jollity? Now we have already mentioned the matter of controversiality, but I don't necessarily regard that as the answer in your case, or certainly not the whole answer. Instead I would ask about your funding: Are you getting big chunks of change from Jews, Peter? Are you afraid that funding will dry up -- or have you BEEN TOLD it will dry up -- if you get too close to the JQ? Will you allow an audit of your contributors' list to count the contributions of the Bergs, Steins and Manns?

Now you could claim if you wanted to that the Jews would never fund your site because, after all, you are -- supposedly -- an enemy of Political Correctness and the Rising Tide of Color, while this is just what the Jewish Doctor ordered in order to wash away Western culture and make a clean slate for the New World Orderlies to take over. The Jews, however, may be playing a somewhat different game -- a game that might be described by what John Dean was famous for calling 'partial hang-out'. The Jews may have chosen to fund you BECAUSE THAT LETS THEM CONTROL YOU, and in particular allows them to insure that you will never wander outside the pale by investigating the Jewish Question. And not only do they control you, but -- given your prestige -- it allows them to set the limits of racial discourse that can take place among the 'politically incorrect community'.

And there is another thing that this does for the Jews, Peter. It makes the intractably redneck whites think that blacks and Mexcrements are their problem, and by doing so, it helps the Jews to hide. In fact, it is very similar to what ethologist and Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz called 'redirected aggression' -- just like the angry husband who bangs the table instead of hitting his wife when she shows him the bill for that shopping trip to Lord & Taylor, so the arrangement which the Jews have made with Vdare persuades angry whites to bash blacks and Latrinos instead of Jews, even tho Jews are the ones who are largely to blame for black-white racial conflict.

But speaking of blame, there is one important point I want to make: I don't blame Jews for our predicament so much as I blame WHITES. Whites could have put an end to the 'Jewish problem' if they had had their heads together. Of course it is true that Jews not only brought us the multicult, but they screwed up the system -- political, educational, communication, etc -- whereby whites could have corrected their behavior. That, we might say, is the genius of the Jews -- not only do they screw up the system, but they screw up the means of repairing it. But it is still white weakness that is the ultimate cause of our impending demise -- a weakness that needs to be fixed lest it be exploited by others even if the Final Solution of the Jewish Question (whatever that may be) is somehow achieved. But even if it is white fault that has put us in a handbasket to Hell, we still cannot rescue ourselves until we deal frankly and openly with the Jewish Question.

So there it is, Peter -- the Elephant in the Vdare Livingroom. And here we are -- a few thousand people over at who are chomping at the bit for an explanation of why you are pretending to be a hero and taking white money while short-circuiting the energy of whites and re-directing it to a silly red (ok, black) flag instead of zeroing in on the matador who is the one stirring things up and who is getting ready to put a sword between our shoulder-blades. I want to hear it loud and clear, Peter, because I am going to post this letter along with your response on my webpage, and we are going to have a few thousand people judge the manner of man you really are. You may sell thousands of copies of your (very excellent) Alien Nation, and you may manage to get the attention of some of the moneyed elite who may just be having second thoughts about the racial hurricane that they have unleased upon the world's greatest civilization, but until you can discuss the Jewish Question, you have not stepped out of the woods nor quite become a man.

We are waiting. Peter.


PS: I promised to tell you about people who run screaming from the room at the sound of the JQ even tho they have written about it. So here it is:

Two Movement Wimpouts

PPS: My two most important essays on the JQ are the following. Read them if you read nothing else of mine.

The Case Against the Jews

The Crimes of Jews: Update

[Brimelow did not respond, altho we have corresponded before, and altho, according to others, he usually responds to personal correspondence. Feel free to write and ask what happened ( ).]




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