The Chief Shitting Bull Awards

Explanation and Award List by John "Birdman" Bryant

The Chief Shitting Bull Award is a (dis)honor awarded by the Birdman to those who have shown outstanding ignorance or stupidity in support of the liberal worldview or other revolting and dangerous nonsense, particularly on racial matters, and is intended especially for those who exhibit unquenchable support of minority racism and similar groupisms, and a redolent hatred of the white race and the civilization which it built.

The Chief Shitting Bull Award carries with it a stipend of ONE MILLION DOLLARS in play money, provided that the recipient agrees to stuff it up his ass and leave it there permanently, right alongside his head. The award is intended to stop the awardee's flow of bullshit, no matter which end it is coming out of.

The Chief Shitting Bull Award is named in part after Chief Sitting Bull, chief of the Indians, uh, Native Americans, uh, Amerinds, uh, how about just INJUNS? that slaughtered General Custer and his troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Those who receive the Chief Shitting Bull Award are generally white men who wish to see their own race and culture go the way of General Custer and his troops, and thus whose suicidal leanings need to be helped along with all deliberate speed but without involving any other white men.

At least we can respect and honor Chief Sitting Bull for the courageous defense of his people and their way of life, even if the demise of that way of life was inevitable in an age of Manifest Destiny. What we cannot either respect or honor is the way in which the recipients of the Chief Shitting Bull Award and their followers hate themselves and the culture and genome which has provided them with so much of what they are.

The following is a list of the recipients of this award:

Tim Wise ( for his large opus of pernicious articles, five of which the Birdman has deconstructed. These deconstructions, along with various exchanges between Wise and the Birdman and additional commentary by other individuals, will be found in the list below:


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