Birdman's Weekly Letter #483:
The Condit Correspondence

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Date: June 03, 2008

[Jim Condit Jr writes to Birdman:]

This is a difficult letter to write you, however recent events in my life make it necessary. First let me commend you on the good things on your site. Not many people dare to deal with "The Jewish Question." I know my friend, Henri the Celt forwards my articles to you.

I am going through some marital problems. My wife is seeking a divorce and it is not pretty. I would like to ask you to take my name off your site, as it is becoming a problem. It is funny that it is not the white liberation or the jewish question that is the problem but the porn pictures.

I know this might be time consuming and you are busy, but as a personal favor to me, it would make my life much easier at this time.

Thanks so much,

[Birdman responds:]

I would like to oblige you, but I don't think there is much I can do. The only thing I have about you on my site is emails you yourself have sent, and while these files will continue to be posted on the site, the links to them will disappear or have disappeared as I roll over the Daily Reads page. And even if I actually removed them from the site, most of them would be in the Google cache, which, as I understand it, is made every 30 days. Beyond this, it would be difficult or impossible to actually remove them from the site, and it would mess up my filing system. So if your wife is trying to lay some sexual accusations on you because your stuff gets posted on my site, I think your best bet is to deal with these accusations for what they are -- which is just plain silly. And anyway, I don't post porn -- only erotica. And if Catholics didn't like erotica, there wouldn't be so many of them. :-)

[Jim replies]

I think the mom's and dad's of the girls spreading their legs might not see it as sweet erotica. Nor, do I think their children to be and their children's friends would think it erotica.

I always wondered if you had a daughter if you would be proud to have her positioned like a dog and your brothers and friends beating off to her picture?

I don't say this to be quarrelsome, I just wondered if you thought girls in pictures like dogs with their organs exposed in any way does anything but turn them into objects apart from humanity?

One might argue a girl with a sultry look, taking off a nightgown in a shadowy room was erotica. I have never heard anyone but you think that a dog position where you can't even really see her face, where she is on all fours is anything but a beat off porn picture.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Thanks for your quick reply.

[Birdman responds:]

A couple of points:

The distinction I made between erotica and porn was intended, in part, to be a joke. But it was also intended to make the point that porn images can't be all that bad, because any man who fucks can do so only by virtue of holding such images in his mind. (When a man is bonking, he is NOT thinking about Jesus or the kitchen sink!) So what's the big difference between having them in your mind and having them on paper or film? Morally, none. But since most prudes are not against having children, and Catholics encourage it, then a fortiori they are endorsing porn, even tho they may not realize it.

One of the reasons I have nekked women on my site is because visitors like them. But another is to act as a shield against prudes -- I am not interested in spending my time arguing about porn with people who believe it will endanger their Eternal Life, and porn is a sort of garlic clove to the Draculatous prudes.

As to whether parents would be happy about their children posing for porn, the only parent I knew was proud of it. Would it bother me if my offspring did it? I don't think so -- not, at least, if it didn't bother them. But there is a difference between posing for porn and living promiscously -- not everyone who poses is promiscuous. I am opposed to promiscuity, not on 'moral' grounds, but because promiscuity is a recipe for unhappiness. I will grant that the existence of porn can be interpreted as a kind of green light for promiscuity, but that is all the more reason to deal with porn openly and recognize that it can play an important role in sexual happiness, both for singles and for marrieds, but that it is most felicitiously used when limited to viewing rather than imitation. Indeed, its very existence is an inducement NOT to imitate -- why go to the bother? To which I might add that I think that posing for porn will gradually die out, as computer images become more and more utilized to produce new porn, and as the stock of old porn gets larger and larger, and can be recycled easily.

The basic problem here is that people are morally confused. The churches used to be moral guides, but they have been exposed as having feet of clay, Catholics especially, what with the rampant priestly pedophilia, the Boys Town scandal exposed in The Franklin Coverup, etc. An important part of my philosophical writing has been to clarify moral values, and you can see some of the work I have done in the Science & Religion section of my site.

In conclusion, I have always regarded you as a unique gift to the Movement, and I hope you continue in that role. My view is that we have to hang together, or we are going to hang separately, and that means we are going to have to learn to tolerate others' differences, such as yours and mine. The Jews are way ahead of us on this -- no wonder the Movement is having such trouble.

[Jim replies:]

"One of the reasons I have nekked women on my site is because visitors like them. But another is to act as a shield against prudes -- I am not interested in spending my time arguing about porn with people who believe it will endanger their Eternal Life, and porn is a sort of garlic clove to the Draculatous prudes."

In likewise candor, I believe that you are going to hell. I am a prude. I would never look at porn. It degrades the women who spread their legs in that way for all to see. It violates their humanity. They think less of who they are and what their real value is.

They are the victims of men like you.

Women are beautiful things to be respected not degraded. To hold in esteem not to be spread open like a pig.

I don't consider you part of MY movement which is Roman Catholic. I am a Roman Catholic and I believe there is NO salvation outside the church. I proclaim that on my web site so I guess if people go there from your site they might find the truth and the salvation in the Roman Catholic Church.

I believe if you took a survey of your site most men would say they find your pictures offensive I know I do and I think most men in the movement respect women.

I can't tell you enough how morally reprobate I find your porn pictures. There has to be a higher standard of morality that John the Birdman. And, most of those higher moral voices would simply think you are beguiled by your own blindness to the disgrace that you heap upon young women.

John, look at them, positioned like dogs, they are not dogs they are human beings. Sex is about love, not about fucking. The Negros in the ghettos fuck, just like you promote with your view of putting girls in positions like dogs and pigs. We are not dogs, we are not Negros who fuck for the heck of it. We are enlightened beings who respect women.

You have the Negro mentality from the jungle.

[Birdman responds:]

I see that you are setting yourself up as a moral person who has the right as a 'good Catholic' to judge me, and are setting me up as an immoral person because I post pix of nekked women -- indeed, you proclaim that I am 'going to Hell' (should be capitalized, there, Jim). But are you aware that your church is practically bankrupting itself paying off claims by people who, as children, were fucked by pedophile priests? And are you aware that your church was guilty of the most incredible and cruel tortures applied to heretics (during the Inquisition, and would be doing the same today if it only had the power), to say nothing of burnings ('autos da fe') and wipeouts of entire populations (eg, Cathars -- "Kill them all, let God sort them out.")? And are you aware of the many 'bad Popes' who have held the See of St Peter, and whose immorality is legion? Or to put it another way, you, the 'good Catholic', have a Hell of a lot of chutzpah accusing me of what -- even by Catholic standards -- would be a small moral sin, when the institution which made up the nonsense notion of Hell and holds itself able to speak for God himself ('ex cathedra') is rife with corruption and immorality by ANYBODY'S standard? Get off your high horse, Jim. Most religions are not about morality, but about POWER, ie, control of the sheeple. The Catholic church was the original New World Order. You want to substitute a neo-Catholic NWO for the Jewish NWO that currently has the world by the balls. As for me, I am fighting against ANY NWO.

Now I don't want to add to the tragedy of your forthcoming divorce, but the fact that my Girls are causing you 'problems' is strongly suggestive of the possibility that your wife is accusing you of sexual immorality, and the fact that your divorce is going to be 'messy' suggests that she has some evidence to that effect. That would surely be ironic in view of your turning around and accusing ME of immorality, and even moreso in view of the fact that I have been very happily married for more than 40 years. So just let me remind you of a very profound observation by JP Sartre in his play 'No Exit': HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE. Which is to say that I am not 'going to Hell' because I practice the religion of the Golden Rule, while you are already IN Hell because, I am suggesting, you did not.

The bottom line, then, is this: The Movement is going to Hell because we are suffering from a plethora of Stupid White People who cannot understand the simple fact that, as Franklin said, we have to hang together or else we are going to hang separately. More particularly, here you come telling me I am 'going to Hell', I mean, what a way to win friends and influence people! Catholicism, like most religions, is a stupid and dangerous cult, but I am willing to work even with people who belong to such organizations if we can do so with mutual benefit. You can see that I tried, because I have always supported your work with my webpage, and have told you in the current exchange of letters how much I thought of your work. But no, you had to blow it by being another one of those Stupid White People. All I can say is, Jesus H Christ! At the very least you should realize that good people, among whom I include myself, are not those who are 'going to Hell', and that any religion which says they are is both stupid and evil.

Wake up, Jim. Get off your high horse and stop being a Stupid White Person. I have seen enuf of them over at VNN to last a lifetime.

[Jim did not reply]


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