Correspondence with Bill St Clair

By John "Birdman" Bryant


At one time I regarded Bill St Clair as a friend, but I do so no longer.


>On Sun, 21 Sep 2003 07:48:40 -0400, John Bryant <>
>> Bill:
>> Today I came across this post about me, which seems to be yours.
>> You say: "I will probably not however, attempt to communicate what I've
>> said here to him. Waste of time."
>> I have a different take: I think it is because you are afraid to
>> me. You want the luxury of dissing me without having to hear my
>> or allowing me the courtesy of responding -- a courtesy which I extend
>> all of the many people I criticize. That is both dishonest and cowardly.
>> As to the matter of the reasons for my attitude toward Jews, you give
>> impression of relying primarily on the short piece that was published in
>> the Mensa Bulletin, where I was limited to only a very short summary of
>> my views. You ignore my longer essays, posted in the Jewish Question
>> section of my website (, particularly "The case
>> against the Jews" which is both lengthy and thoroughly documented. You
>> also of course ignore the really important thing about the Mensa flap,
>> which was the hysterical reaction to my piece by the Mensa honchos and
>> the Herculean effort taken to make sure that was not allowed to respond,
>> altho I was denounced in a multiple-page spread.
>> Sure sounds like more dishonesty to me.
>> So let's see if you care to (somewhat) redeem yourself by posting this
>> letter on your site.
>> -Birdman

[St Clair responds; Birdman interleaves the respense with his comments]

Date: 9/21/03 1:28 PM
To: Bill St. Clair <>
From: John Bryant
Blind Copy:
Subject: Re: post

My responses are interleaved with your text and marked with ********

*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********

On 9/21/03 at 8:23 AM Bill St. Clair wrote:

>That is indeed my entry. I read as much as I could stand from your web
>on the "Jewish Question".

****** My point was that, in view of your response, you should have read
"The case against the Jews". I repeat: This is the essay you need to read.

I got thoroughly sick of it after an hour or so.

****** People often get sick when confronted with truths that contradict
long-held but erroneous opinions.

>My take was that you always want to have the last word and I never noticed
>you budging an inch.

******* The virtue of being right is that I don't have to budge. I usually
get the last word because my opponents know when they are dead.

Hence, "debating" with you is a waste of time.

******* It is for most people, because they don't listen. It's also a
waste of ego -- they think they are going to wipe the floor with me, and I
end up wiping the floor with them, ie, I waste their egos. That's what's
happening to you right this very instant.

>let you post my response on your web site.

****** Waaal, that's mighty generous, but all letters to me are postable,
if you check my Introductory section. What I wanted YOU to do is to post
MY response to YOU. But I take it that you have not the courage or honesty
to do that?

Short of "[birdman]" references
>when I post a link or quote from your site, which I scan regularly, I
>glorify your opinion about a handful of Jews, which you have labelled the
>"Jewish Question". If you have a problem with an individual or group of
>individuals, name it as such without the generalizations and you may get
>more respect.

******** Unlike Rodney Dangerfield, I get lots of respect -- just not much
money. That's why my site has high popularity ratings. But in any event,
I am not too concerned about not getting respect from people who are too
cowardly to criticize me to my face, and too dishonest to read the one
essay that will blow them out of the water.

[St Clair did not respond]


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