Be it hereby known to all men in these presents that

Dr Joan Benz

has been granted the

Politically-Correct Cringing-White-Person Award

for behavior that is outstanding for its stupefying cowardice, spineless humility, and abysmal and abject racial self-abasement in the face of minority pressure to publicly osculate the minority bunghole with full tongue extended. More particularly, the reason for this award is to call attention to persons who are members of the world's most distinguished race -- the race which founded Western civilization and has advanced mankind to a point far beyond what any other race or civilization has managed to accomplish -- but who nevertheless have so little pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors and who attribute so little value to the genome which nature has winnowed by multiple millennia of evolution, that they are willing to honor obnoxiously aggressive and usually inferior minorities above their own race, and to exhibit supine sensitivity to the feelings of such minorities without exhibiting even superficial sensitivity to the feelings of members of their own race, or awareness of the damage which such behavior does to the white psyche. Such behavior is not only ignorant and stupid, but is actually evil in the sense that it denigrates and thereby helps propel into oblivion a superior race which is already in danger of dying out because of its low rate of reproduction. It is also evil by making it more difficult to speak truthfully about racial matters in the sense of reinforcing the taboo of speaking about minorities in any significantly truthful way, ie, in any way which contradicts the nonsense of the current socio-political zeitgeist that 'all men are equal' and that 'there is no race but the human race'.


Award Particulars

The recipient of this award, the principal of Winston Churchill High School in Potomac MD, at first publicly pointed out an important truth, namely, that violence in a particular instance at her school was due exclusively to blacks, with the implied suggestion that such violence USUALLY was attributable to blacks, but then more-or-less retracted that statement with a sickening public 'apology'. We have to ask, What is this gutless wonder -- a 'doctor' yet -- doing in charge of a school when she has to apologize for saying something that everybody -- ESPECIALLY INCLUDING BLACKS -- knows is both true and important? Indeed, why can she not tell the whole truth, namely, that blacks are not only violent, but are seriously academically deficient, and in fact don't belong in her school, or even in the USA? When our so-called 'leaders' won't speak the truth, how can anyone else be expected to?


This award is granted by John 'Birdman' Bryant, creator and webmaster of website, the most popular white liberationist website in the world. It will be posted there permanently, along with comments of the Awardee if any are submitted, plus any other comments or information deemed relevant to the posting of the award. All awards are accompanied by a NEGATIVE ten thousand dollar stipend which is duly considered to be owed by the Awardee to the white community as damages for the Awardee's behavior. It is hoped that, by heaping scorn on Awardees by giving them the award, others will acquire the courage to resist political correctness and the invitation to self-flagellation and other vile race-demeaning behaviors in the face of liberal and minority pressure.

To those who question this award we say: Ask not whether we are racist, sexist, antisemitic, homophobic, ageist, lookist or any other ist or ic -- ask only if we are RIGHT.

Which of course we are.

Awarded this 10th day of January, in the year 2007, with the sincere hope that the awardee will suffer the TORTURES OF HELL until the time when he, she or it publicly confesses his, her or its error and makes appropriate amends for his, her or its behavior and for the harm he, she or it has done to his, her or its race. Copies of this award have been dispatched to various friends and associates of the awardee in hopes of further embarrassing him, her or it.



To: Awardee and other interested parties
From: John 'Birdman' Bryant
Contents: Opinion
Note: Information on which this Award is based came from the following source(s):
"Principal apologizes for comments about Churchill fight"


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