Unanswered Letter to Eustace Mullins

By John "Birdman" Bryant


I believe Mullins is probably right in much of what he says, but he makes some pretty extreme statements which sorely need documentation; and the very fact that he has not made such documentation is an important reason to question his credibility.



October 20, 2001

Eustace Mullins, PO Box 1105, Staunton VA 24401

Dear Mr Mullins:

I am an admirer of yours and have purchased several of your books, the most recent being The World Order. You obviously have a tremendous grasp of your subject, plus the all-important bird's eye view which allows you to see particular facts as a whole. I have been trying to put together in my mind the facts of the World Order, or NWO as it is more popularly termed, and your book seems to perform that function better than any other I have ever read.

The one criticism I have of World Order is that it has relatively little documentation. In some instances this does not matter much, as the facts are well-known and/or easily verified. But in other cases they are vital, not infrequently because they are so startling that no one would believe them without some verification. The following are some points that I found especially in need of documentation. I would appreciate it if you could take time from what I am sure is a busy schedule to give me the appropriate documentation for these points. In return, I will post the material in some permanent form on my website with a link to your book on Amazon.com. Note that the number in parentheses refers to the page number of your book (2nd edition, 1992):

* Where is Weishaupt's program stated? (4)

* What evidence is there that the Rothschilds financed Marx? (Several sources I have seen say Marx was financed by 'The League of the Just', at least in writing the Communist Manifesto.) (4)

* Is there some relationship between Marx's Communist Manifesto (published 1848) and the revolutions of 1848 which swept Europe? (I can't recall your discussing this subject, but it seems important.)

* Re the 1857 Disraeli quote concerning the division of the US into 2 parts, what evidence is there that Disraeli, an English politician, had any influence over the King of France, and that even if he did, how is this relevant to dividing the US? (8) Beyond this, you assert that this was "the political origin of the American Civil War" (9). Documentation?

* Do you have documentation for Napoleon being poisoned, and that it was done by a Rothschild agent? The matter of whether Napoleon was poisoned has been controversial, and I can't recall whether it has been resolved; but it has been only recently (last 10 years or so) that investigations have been completed. (10)

* Documentation for Rothschilds poisoning the Romanovs? (11)

* If the Bolsheviks confiscated $700 million in gold from the Tsar on 6 Nov 1917, what use did they have for the supposedly-critical $20 million contribution of Jacob Schiff?

* How can you assert that Rhodes left his fortune to the furtherance of the 'Rothschild program', or that he was a Rothschild agent, rather than simply a business partner, or that Lord Milner was a Rothschild agent rather than a Rhodes agent? As I understand it, Rhodes was an Anglophile who wanted Britain to regain its lost colony of America, and that this is what the Rhodes scholarships are all about. It is true that creating an Anglo- American alliance is a means of bringing about a NWO, but to say that this is the Rothschild program seems a bit strained. (21)

* You state that the American colonies enjoyed prosperity under a system in which they printed their own money, but that the right of the colonies to print their own money was withdrawn by George III under pressure from the Bank of England, which wanted to issue the money for which it could charge interest (32). This squares with the account given by Ralph Epperson in The Unseen Hand, but it does not square with Murray Rothbard's account in his massive 4-volume work on the Revolutionary period, Conceived In  Liberty. Rothbard in particular claims that the experience of the various colonies in issuing their own currency were all failures because of over- issue which led to inflation which made the currency worthless. Rothbard also states that Ben Franklin's endorsement of colonial currency was because he profited from the currency printing contracts. Because Rothbard discusses the matter in great detail, his account comes across as credible. Accordingly, there is an important conflict here that needs to be resolved by historical research. I am interested in your documentation on this point for obvious reasons. I might add that Epperson's source on this matter is HS Kennan's The Federal Reserve, a book which I have been unable to obtain anywhere in spite of a diligent search. As another point, I understand that the provision in the Constitution forbidding states to 'emit bills of credit' has to do with this matter, tho I am unsure how.

* You state that the Spanish-American War was 'set off by J&W Seligman Co' to obtain Cuban sugar (35-6). Documentation?

* You state that the Rockefellers were responsible for ousting Trotsky in favor of Stalin, and later for 'firing' Kruschev (77). Documentation?

* You state that five men rule the world: the 'Council of Five' (273). Documentation?

In addition, you made the following astonishing statements in your book Murder by Injection, for which I would also like to see documentation:

* You state that the Hoover Institution, which employs such luminaries as Nobelist Milton Friedman and black columnist/scholar Thomas Sowell, is run by two directors of the Rockefeller-funded League for Industrial Democracy, the leading Trotskyite thinktank, Sidney Hook and Seymour Martin Lipset (240). I know Hook is dead, and I have never heard anything about Lipset and HI. Your statement here also suggests a possible contradiction with your statement (given above) that the Rockefellers were responsible for ousting Trotsky in favor of Stalin, ie, what are the Rockefellers doing sponsoring a Trotskyite thinktank? Documentation?

* You state that the Mt Pelerin Society "represents the Viennese school of economics, a Rothschild sponsored enterprise which features Milton Friedman as its mouthpiece" and "is actually a pseudo-rightwing thinktank run by William Buckley and the CIA." Documentation?

* You state that the Heritage Foundation is "a pseudo-rightwing think tank run by the British Fabian society" (255). Documentation?

* You state that "Elihu Root, Wilson's Secretary of state, ... rushed $100 million from Wilson's personal War Fund to Soviet Russia to save the tottering Bolshevik regime in 1917." (244) Documentation? This would not seem to make sense in view of your statement noted earlier that the Bolsheviks acquired $700 million of the Tsar's funds as of 6 Nov of that year, which was shortly after the "October revolution" occurred.

* You state that the Office of Technology Assessment says that 95% of drugs on the market have never been proved to work (275). Documentation?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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