The Farm & Wilderness Camps 'Racism' Brouhaha: Correspondence with F&W's Rob Schultz

By John "Birdman" Bryant

From Birdman's Weekly Letter #212


November 25, 2002

To: Rob Schultz, Executive Director Farm & Wilderness Camps Plymouth VT 05056

Dear Rob:

Since spending a summer as a senior counselor at Timberlake in, I believe, 1963, I haven't had any contact with F&W save the Interim newsletter. But there have apparently been some big changes in that 40 year period, as I can see from the lead article of the current (Fall 2002) Interim, "At the Crossroads: The continued journey to create a diverse community at F&W". What the article ostensibly does is to talk about the 'continuing effort' to create 'an organization free of racism' in spite of the fact that you 'continue to stumble a bit'. In reading between the lines, however, it seems pretty clear that what you are really saying is that you have a major problem on your hands with 'racism' because of the fact that, as dyed-in- the-wool liberals, you have 'diversitied' by bringing ghetto kids into the camps on 'scholarships', and they are causing some very serious problems. Of course you are not addressing this problem because that would be 'racist'; rather you are addressing the feelings of 'racism' which this bad behavior has caused, on the theory that (a) it is really the white kids' fault for not having enuf 'tolerance' and 'understanding' about the outrages that the blacks have perpetrated, and (b) ok, maybe it really is the blacks' fault, but now that we have taken the bum out of the slum, maybe we can take the slum out of the bum, provided only that we are 'tolerant' and 'understanding' enuf. To which I can only say, 'Rotsa rucksack.'

Now before you jump to the conclusion that I am a racist, let me assure you that indeed I am a racist, and the reason for this is that racism is not only good, but is in fact a law of nature -- one often expressed by the old adage, "Birds of a feather flock together." I have a great deal more to say about this topic on my website,, which is one of the more popular sites on the Net as rated by, but let me just make the following points:

* Racism doesn't imply hatred for other races, just love for one's own, tho it is normal and natural for one to hate those who attack his race, as liberals have attacked the white race -- the world's most endangered at only 8% of the world population -- with discriminatory legislation (affirmative action, set-asides, integration, etc) and a constant drumbeat of accusations of -- what else? -- racism.

* Racism doesn't imply a belief in the superiority of one's own race, but only that an individual regards his own racial kin as a superior milieu for himself.

* All men are NOT created equal, unless you believe a Juke or Kallikak could have been an Einstein.

* All races are not created equal, which is why 85% of the NBA is black, why all the world records for short-distance running are held by blacks, and also why blacks commit crimes at a rate nine times (ie 900%) that of whites, why 90% of all interracial crime is black-on-white, and why there are 30 times more black-on-white rapes than white-on-black.

* Liberals themselves are racist -- they know better than to try to live in black neighborhoods or to even to take a walk in one.

* Racism is a smear term -- it is an attempt by liberals to make something which is perfectly natural and perfectly good appear to be bad. It is the analog of the liberals' attempt to make such unnatural behaviors as homosexuality and pedophilia appear normal and good when they are in fact abnormal and, if not necessarily wrong, at least pathological.

But it is not just that F&W is seriously stumbling on the falsity of its liberal racial philosophy; for I am pretty sure it is also stumbling on its liberal sexual philosophy. After all, F&W put itself on the map not so much with its back-to-nature lifestyle as with its unique semi-nudist philosophy, so fervently espoused by its founder, Ken Webb. Now even as a teenager when I was at Timberlake, I could see that Ken was one weird guy with that pasted-on Cheshire-cat risus sardonicus smile of his, but I always thought that the nudism bit was his contribution to a much-needed sexual liberation, tho I have come in later years to believe that it may have been just because he liked to look at little boys' bottoms -- or maybe more than that. Certainly there was a major pedophile flap at TL the other year, where Jack (forget the last name) who trained the Counselor Apprentices was caught bonking some of the boys. And well before that there was a problem at Tamarack Farm when there was just one dock for both boys and girls, because some of the boys had the habit of positioning themselves to watch the skinny-dippers coming out of the water and making often-untoward remarks about the girls' exposed anatomies. But don't get me wrong -- I don't have anything against nudism or voyeurism or homosexuality or even necessarily pedophilia, providing it is consensual, tho these things are not my bag. Rather, the problem is -- or at least what I suspect it is -- is that the negroes you are bringing in have raped some girls or have come pretty close to it, and the white kids are scared, either because they don't want to be raped, or they don't want to fight, or because they fear being called 'racist' for trying to defend themselves or their friends. Of course the problem is probably more than sex -- it is probably also stealing, fighting, vandalism, drugs and similar misbehavior; but I would guess that the sex problem takes top priority.

Now with the above in mind, I would like to make a suggestion: Why not publish this letter on the front page of the next Interim, and see if it won't start a dialog (Liberals DO love to 'dialog', do they not?). I realize that there are a lot of people who are going to be hostile to my thinking, because F&W is filthy up the tush with liberals, and I have experienced first hand on many occasions exactly how hateful liberals can be. In fact, I even experienced it at TL when I gave a Sunday talk and expressed the idea that the assassin of civil rights leader Medgar Evers was doing something he considered ethically right -- an obvious enuf proposition, but one that no liberal could possibly be caught dead agreeing with. (Even head counselor Johnny Lurie, Harvard man that he was and someone who was usually pretty laid back, couldn't handle that one.)

So how about it, Rob -- do you have the guts to publish this letter? Do you have the courage to tell the truth -- or at least to expose F&W folks to something that just might give them pause about their liberal beliefs? Do you have the fortitude to try something other than the old liberal shibboleths that are evidently failing you in a very big way? Or at the very least, do you have the guts to send this letter around and see what kind of reaction you get from F&W stalwarts? Indeed, do you have the courage to answer this letter with something other than a heavy dose of profanity and denunciation?

I await your response -- or non-response -- with great interest.

Regards to all,

John 'Birdman' Bryant

[Rob replies:]

Dear John,

What an interesting letter! Clearly we see the world very differently. What you have to say about race is precisely antithetical to where Farm & Wilderness is going at this point. While I like dialog under many circumstances, I like diatribe very little. There are shades of hate and violence in your words. I encourage you to read less between the lines about other people's motivations and get more into your motiviations.

I certainly have the courage to put letters in the Interim when I believe they will provoke good conversation. I will not put your letter in the Interim.



[Birdman responds:]

-----Original Message----- From: John Bryant [] Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 3:00 PM To: Subject: F&W and racism

Well Golly Gee, Rob. Shades of hate and violence in my words? Well, Golly Gee again! Somehow I thought I was describing what I opined to be the hate and violence of OTHERS, but, golly gee, I guess whites are guilty of hate and violence even if blacks are the perps, since whites are guilty of 'racism', right Rob? Isn't that liberal logic -- whites are guilty no matter what?

Now it was really, really hard for me not to notice that you managed to avoid mentioning exactly what the problems were that are causing all the hoo-ha over 'racism'. And y'know what that makes me think, Rob? It makes me think that I hit the nail right smack on the head when I speculated about what the problems were at F&W. Hey, that's pretty good for somebody who never did any hammering save for bonking his girlfriend in the lower barn!

Well y'know, Rob, the problem with denying reality, which liberals are so famous for, is that you have to live with it. 'Course it won't bother you and the other adults much, because you aren't the ones having to live with the Ghetto Boyz. But what bothers me is that some -- and maybe a lot -- of innocent white kids who have been brainwashed into believing liberal racial mythology are going to have to suffer because you did not have the courage to confront reality, and to discuss openly a view which differs from the liberal mythology, but just might have a grain of truth to it. Call me what you want, Rob, but I will call you an ostrich, a coward, and someone whose behavior is bordering on the criminal because of what he is allowing innocent kids to be subjected to. I hope some angry parents sue your ass off when their kid ends up knocked up, a cokehead, or with a shiv in the gut.

I am going to post our correspondence on my website. Maybe someone will see it before it is too late.

[Rob replies:]

Well John,

Thanks for sharing your opinion with me.


[Birdman did not respond.]


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