Joseph Farah: Unethical, Hypocritical Liar

Who Avoids the Real Issue - Jews


By John "Birdman" Bryant


To: Joseph Farah, Editor, WorldNetDaily

Copy to: Other WorldNetDaily employees

From: John Bryant - OPINION

Date: 6 Nov 1998

Dear Mr Farah:

May I ask why you continue to provoke me, especially after your wife has asked me not to send you folks further correspondence? Today in WND I find SL Goldman's column discussing (once again!) his correspondence, in which you have permitted Goldman to link (2 clicks, please) to yet another one of his vicious attacks on me, except that this time it is not even a letter I wrote to him, but to you. Of course the ironic thing about Goldman's attacks is that they are so foolish and febrile that they end up making me look good and Goldman look like a liar -- for example, Goldman creates a dozen or so links from my letter to other web pages as if to refute things I say, but in actuality these links are just to various worn-out propaganda pages of the Holocaust lobby which have essentially no relevance to anything in my letter. What Goldman uses for a brain is beyond me -- an 8086 cow chip, perhaps?

So if you are going to provoke me, then let me provoke you. You are unethical, Mr Farah, and you have made yourself a hypocrite by all your calls for others to behave ethically. Specifically, you are a liar by omission, because in the major story you have been following -- Clinton misbehavior -- you have omitted to mention the one thing which may explain his behavior better than anything else -- the Jewish connection -- in spite of the fact that I have set the matter out for you in black and white (see PS2 below for what I said to you earlier). Indeed, you are doing in your own medium just the sort of thing you complain about in the traditional media -- refusal to tell the truth, or at least important parts of the truth. How can you publish a credible journal when you violate the very premise on which you founded WND?

So here's a challenge to you, Mr Farah. Either you are a liar and a hypocrite or not, and either what I am saying is essentially true, or it is not. If you think I'm wrong, then let me publish my case in WND, and get your house Jews, Wiesenthalers, ADLers or whoever to poke holes in my assertions if they can. That way, if you are right, then you can vindicate yourself, prove your openmindedness, show that my accusations are unwarranted, and kick my butt all over town.

My guess, however, is that you won't do it because the effect will be to show that I am right, that the Jewish connection in the Clinton story is important, that Jewish power is pushing us to the eve of destruction, and that you are a liar and a hypocrite and just as unethical in your own way as the media you seek to supersede.

I'll be looking for your next editorial in which you call for a return to traditional ethical values. I want to have myself a really good laugh.

--John Bryant

PS: I'm sending this to all the WND people whose addresses I have. Perhaps some of them will support exploring the whole truth which you seem to wish to ignore. Some may also wish to see the article I wrote about WND which was recently published in the Nationalist Times ("Liberal Dirty Tricks and the Decline of America", August 1998: 16) and is posted on the American Nationalist Union website (

PS2: To refresh your memory, here is what I said in an earlier letter to you about the Jewish connection to the Clinton scandal and the deleterious effect of organized Jewish power in recent history:

"But if it is important to you and the future of WND to make short work of this enfant terrible [Goldman], it is even more important for you to see this problem in light of a matter I elaborated upon in an earlier letter to you, namely, the Jewish connection. To explain, let me begin by critiquing WND's coverage of Clinton (which is your publication's major claim to fame), and in doing this let me first note that no sensible and informed person would attempt to explain the operation of a computer without reference to programming -- he would not, for example, attempt an explanation with reference only to electromagnetic and mechanical phenomena, tho theoretically such an explanation could be made. Now your coverage of Clinton is very much like trying to explain computers without reference to programming: While you spend much time and many words on such things as Clinton's sexual shenanigans, drug use, liberalism and Arkansas mafia connections, you do not talk about the one thing that makes so much of Clinton's behavior understandable, to wit, the fact that Clinton's "look like America" administration is dominated by Jews, to the extent that more than 50% of all his appointments have been drawn from this minority which makes up less than 3% of the American population. This explains or greatly illuminates many issues, from Clinton's Mideast policy to the recent cruise missile attack on an African pharmaceutical facility. It even explains why Clinton has weathered dozens of "bimbo explosions" from Jennifer Flowers to Paula Jones without any serious repercussions, and yet has been brought to the verge of impeachment by a Jewess who deliberately seduced him. For a newsman, you exhibit a stunning case of blindness.

"Now as a newsman specializing in politics, if you have missed the Jewish domination of the Clinton administration, then you have probably also missed the fact that Jews dominate the US Congress with their PAC contributions, a fact which prompted Pat Buchanan to remark that the Congress is "Israeli-occupied territory". Again as a newsman, you have probably also missed the fact that the major media -- newspapers, TV and Hollywood -- are also dominated by Jews, in spite of the fact that the shocking extent of this domination is thoroughly documented in Dr William Pierce's essay "Who Rules America?" which can be found on the National Vanguard website. And if you missed these as a newsman, then you probably also missed the fact that the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization, is a major player in the attempt to take away American's Constitutional rights, particularly Second Amendment rights, which have been restricted in 16 states by anti-militia "model statute" laws sponsored by the ADL. And if you missed this, you probably also missed the fact that the major sponsors of "gun control" legislation in Congress have been such Jews as Feinstein, Schumer and Metzenbaum. And if you missed this, you probably also missed the fact that another Jewish organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has been a major player in subverting American's First Amendment rights by attempting to restrict "hate" on the Internet, and particularly the dissemination of the research of revisionist historians who challenge what I call the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust (OJV). And if you missed that, then you probably also missed the fact that Jewish organizations in most of the countries of the Western world (including Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Australia, Canada and France) have already succeeded in making the questioning of the OJV illegal, and if you think these laws are not enforced, then contemplate the fact that (for example) more than 6000 Germans have gone to prison for violating these laws, as well as two American tourists, who were imprisoned for what they did in America. And if you missed this, then you probably also missed the fact that Jews have been the prime movers in the feminist movement (do the names Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, and Gloria Steinem ring any bells?). And if you missed this, then you probably also missed the fact that Jews have had a significant hand in numerous historical events which have been detrimental to American civilization, including abandonment of Constitutionally-mandated hard money via establishment of the Federal Reserve (Rothschild agent and Jewish financeer Paul Warburg was the principal architect of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act), World War I (the Balfour Declaration was the bribe which Britain paid the international Jews for their influence in bringing America into the war), World War II (the Jews declared war on Hitler in the summer of 1933 in the form of a worldwide boycott of German goods), school integration (Jews founded the NAACP and have acted as its officials for most of its history), communism (the Russian Revolution was led by a group of mostly New York Jews) and several other important events.

"By this time you are probably wondering what the point is that I am getting at, so let me put it this way. Prof James Buchanan won a Nobel prize a few years ago for the simple (but very important) observation that bureaucrats act in their own self-interest, rather than, as common thinking would have it, acting from the unselfish motives of "civil servants". My point is somewhat analogous to Buchanan's, and is that Jews are a group with a very strong sense of community -- a very tribal people, it is often said -- with the result that they generally act in the interest of the Tribe. I am not, however, saying -- as persons such as Dr Pierce would say -- that Jews are therefore "evil". On the contrary, I say that their behavior is perfectly natural for such a tribal group. But I am also saying that, however much good (or bad) Jewish tribal behavior may be for them, it is very bad for the rest of us, and in fact has succeeded in bringing Western civilization to the brink of destruction.

"Now it may be fairly said that the largest part of Jewish destructiveness has arisen from Jewish liberalism; but even if Jews were predominantly conservative, the enforcement of a Jewish-led conservative orthodoxy would be no better than the enforcement of liberalism has been, since the danger is not liberalism or conservatism, but orthodoxy. (As one wit said, there is no ox so dumb as the orthodox). But if the immediate problem is an orthodoxy enforced by the Tribe, the secondary problem is that we cannot at this date even talk about the problem -- much less organize against it -- because then the (Jewish-controlled) media labels us "bigots" and "antisemites". In short, the most fundamental political issue -- self- determination of the white gentile population -- cannot even be discussed because the Tribe's dominance has made such discussion impossible. And it certainly has not been touched upon by the supposedly-independent medium of which you are in charge, even tho a person with well-established credentials (myself) offered you without charge my services as a columnist and cartoonist to tackle this and related problems."

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