Jeff Rense & James Neff: The Contretemps Over Birdman's "Compassion" Essay

Assembled by John "Birdman" Bryant


Issue #309 of Birdman's Weekly Letter included an essay entitled 'Compassion'. Written in the Birdman's usual inflammatory style, it scorched liberals, knocked negroes, and altogether was extremely politically incorrect. But surprisingly to the Birdman, who has recently been sending his essays to be posted on, the Rense folks posted this essay, altho they quickly removed it once the complaints began rolling in. Here is the dramatic post-removal correspondence.

[Birdman writes to Note from the profusion of angle-brackets that this letter was passed back and forth at least twice between The Boys and their secretary Ellen:]

> >>>Dear James and Jeff:
> >>>
> >>>Thanks for putting my 'Compassion' essay up. It
> took some
> >>>courage. I do not fault you for taking it down --
> I got some hate
> >>>mail, and I am sure you got some. And maybe some
> pressure from
> >>>advertisers. As for me, I get hate mail all the
> time, but that's
> >>>just part of the job.
> >>>
> >>>I would be interested to know what the exact
> situation was that
> >>>prompted you to take the essay down, if you don't
> mind saying. I
> >>>would also be interested to know if this is the
> first time you
> >>>have felt the need to take down something already
> posted.
> >>>
> >>>Again, my thanks for posting my essay.
> >>>
> >>>-Birdman
> >>>--in a discussion on the stormfront (white racist)

[ secretary Ellen responds to Birdman:]

Hi John,

Our problem is that we don't read every word
of every submission and story. It's a question of
time: we receive over 1,700 emails a day. We
went back through your story word-for-word
after receiving several complaints from incredulous
readers. We also checked around a bit on some

"Birdman's not too popular here because of his amoral
posture on other issues, such as advocating - or at
least condoning - child sex."

"...also has a hard-core picture of the day on his site."

Here are (some of) the gratuitous and self-indulgent
quotes from the article in question:

"...most blacks are perfectly willing to accept the
poverty of welfare...because it allows them to do what
they really want to -- fuck, smoke crack, eat
watermelon, and watch television until their eyes are
covered with pottery glaze. With an occasional riot
for exercise, of course."

"The ugly fact is that this calamity [tsunami] was
good for whites and good for the world, because it
washed away 150,000 Turd- Worlders who were unlikely
to be able to appreciate Western culture, but whose
presence is a threat to that culture as they continue
their exponential breeding patterns and their spread
across the face of the earth like a fungal rot."

I trust we both know there are dozens of other
ways to state these viewpoints that will permit
a broader section of readers to give your writing
style a better look and a better grade...

And, no, this isn't the first time we've had to
delete an article after posting.

Our best wishes...on the run here, as always,


[Birdman replies:]

To: James Neff (, Jeff Rense (
CC: Ellen (
From: Birdman
Re: Ellen's letter

Dear Jimmie Jeff:

I see that you have chosen to hide your big masculine selves behind Little Ellie's skirts. And I can understand that, really I can, because the letter she sent me was a pretty sorry piece of work. Here are a few points that stuck in my craw:

First, in justifying why you took down my essay after posting it on your site, Little Ellie accused me of ungentleness. (Most people would have called it 'racist language'.) But lemme tell you Jimmie Jeff, I was using 'racist language' by the THIRD PARAGRAPH. So either you approved my piece automatically because my name was on it (not bloody likely, as you have rejected numerous other pieces of mine), or else you read my piece and saw it was pretty damn good and pretty damn funny, and decided you would try it out and see what happened, knowing full well that it might cause a stir, except that when you started getting hate mail, particularly from advertisers, Jews, or other people that you bow your head to, you decided to quickly dissociate yourself from the piece, claiming that its posting was an 'accident', that you never read it, and similar lies and bullshit. Am I right Jimmie Jeff?

Now all the above would have been fine if you had just been straight with me, instead of having Little Ellie accuse me of some moral crime, or -- what is pretty much the same thing for a writer of 40 books who has won the praise of Nobel laureates and many other distinguished men -- poor choice of words. Lemme put it this way, Jimmie Jeff: you may be a fine radio interviewer and exposer of high crimes and misdemeanors, but there are not many people in this world -- in fact, not any, as far as I know -- who can hold a candle to my writing style. So when you get Little Ellie all revved up to criticize my writing style, it just rubs me a bit the wrong way. Knowmtalkinbout? And even worse was trying to make it out that it was MY FAULT that your little experiment didn't turn out right. Let's face it, Jimmie Jeff -- taking responsibility for what you did is the first step to being a man. I take responsibility for my 'racist language' -- I put my name right up front, along with my address. And now you want ME to take responsibility for what YOU did? Grow up, Jimmie Jeff.

Lemme put it this way, Jimmie Jeff. If you had wanted to feed your advertisers and your Jews the bullshit story about the posting of my essay being a mistake, ok, fine. It's no skin off my back. And I know you have to have your ad bucks to survive. I'm not asking you to martyr yourself for my sake. I just don't want Little Ellie criticizing my writing style or telling me how gentle I should be, when her understanding of what I am doing consists of approximately the same understanding my dog has of Diophantine equations.

But that's not all, Jimmie Jeff. I would like to know what Little Ellie is trying to prove by going around to apparently 'racist' bulletin boards (Stormfront, I take it, in this case) in order to get an assessment of my character, when it was my 'racism' that she criticized in the first place, and when comments on 'racist' bulletin boards (or ANY bulletin boards, for that matter) have approximately the same moral force as a fingernail picking a scab. I mean, in the first place, exactly what relevance does an assessment of my character have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the situation concerning my essay? That is, if you are going to post articles on the basis of the strength of character of the writers, it should be done BEFORE YOU POST THEM, not after. So apparently all of Little Ellie's character investigation was really a post hoc -- and extremely lame -- attempt to justify your taking my essay down, right Jimmie Jeff? And in the second place, if Little Ellie wants to find out about my character, why doesn't she go to my website and observe the names of the many distinguished men and women who have had nice things to say about my (gasp!) writing? Or to put it another way, why is it that pimply-faced spastic-armed hakenkreutzers have more authority in assessing my character than men of genuine character and accomplishment? Did you get Little Ellie to do this just to irritate me, or is she really just as absolutely dumb as a post?

Now in conclusion, I just wanted to point out that the letter I sent you -- the one that Little Ellie answered -- was written in a very gentle fashion, when it would have been very easy for me to denounce you for cowardice in turning tail when the liberals, Jews and others started whining. I was careful to be gentle because I wanted to give you credit for posting the article to begin with -- I wanted to look at things in the most positive light. And that is why (among other things) I feel like you sold me out by having Little Ellie lambaste me -- not only was it completely improper for her to do so, but you didn't even have the character to employ good manners when you had received the courtesy of same from me. Love it, Jimmie Jeff!

That's about it, Jimmie Jeff. Hope you were able to get my message thru all my gratuitous and self-indulgent observations. I'm just wondering whether you are going to get Little Ellie to write me back and criticize my writing style. (Not sarcastic enuf, perhaps?)

Have a nice day, Jimmie Jeff!


PS: I will be perfectly happy to receive an apology if you care to offer me one -- if, that is, you are not too busy hiding behind Little Ellie's skirts.

[Unsurprisingly, there was no response. Looks as if Rense will have to do without Birdman's essays.]



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