Letter to Willis and Elisabeth Carto On
How to Treat Bad Apples In the Movement

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Dear Mr & Mrs Carto:

I see that you have misunderstood my letter, which is probably at least partly my fault. I can understand how you can see nothing good in Mark Weber, and I can appreciate how you might react strongly to any suggestion to the contrary. Please understand that I am not disputing anything you say about him and am completely sympathetic to your view.

Because it is so important, I would like to try to restate the point I was trying to make which involved mention of Weber, and which you evidently completely misunderstood. Let me first state it in a short form, and then I will go on to expand it. The short form is this:

If we disdain everyone in a leadership position in the Movement against whom there have been serious credible charges, we end up with no Movement.

So who, then, are the major figures against whom serious charges have been leveled? Let us count their numbers:

Person - Accused of - Accuser


David Duke - Stealing/gambling away contributions - - New Orleans DA

William Pierce - Under control of FBI for taking stolen money - Published book

Ernst Zundel - Financial improprieties regarding a will - Willis Carto

Ingrid Rimland - Lying about an encounter with Dr Toben - Toben

Fredrick Toben - Lying about Ingrid Rimland - Ingrid

Kevin Strom - Being under enemy influence -Birdman

Mark Weber - CIA and enemy operative - Willis Carto

Walter Mueller - Severe incompetence & stupidity; homosex - various

Richard Barrett - Pushing homosex; lying; egoism - Jim Giles; Alex Linder

Bill White - Stealing; being a communist - A Linder; R Barrett

Brad Smith - IHR improprieties - Willis Carto

David McCalden - enemy operative - Willis Carto

David Irving - Stealing; Jewish mole - Birdman

Dr Ed Fields - unknown - Willis Carto

Willis Carto - Stealing; 'patriot for profit' - Revilo Oliver & others

In other words, just about all the major figures of the movement have had serious charges made against them, and these are just the ones I know about. The only possible exceptions I can think of are Stormfront's Don Black, the NA's Erich Gliebe, VNN's Alex Linder, Edgar 'The Man Of' Steele, the late 'palindromic professor' Revilo Oliver, myself, and maguire and the other FAEM folks. (All this is off the top of my head; I am probably missing a bunch of people). So the very practical question arises, How are we going to treat the accused folks? My answer is not an 'ethical' one, but purely a PRACTICAL one: Honor people for their good deeds; condemn them for their bad; and in the interim keep a red flag up which says 'If they have been accused, WATCH OUT.' In other words, I am not going around saying that this or that person is 'unethical' and therefore we must reject him; rather I am saying that sometimes people do good and sometimes bad, so -- as BF Skinner might advocate -- I try to reinforce good behavior and negatively reinforce bad behavior. It is my way of dealing with the 'cognitive dissonance' which one experiences when he sees what a huge barrel of seemingly bad apples the Movement is led by.

As to the matter of posting the material on Weber which you sent, I offered to do this because, in reading between the lines of your letter, I thought it was what you wanted me to do. I see now that I was wrong about this, since you have rejected my offer, which is perhaps just as well, as it takes some time and effort to scan the material in, proofread it, and put it in html format.

Tho you evidently did not detect it, the purpose of my letter was to please you. I am sorry that I failed, but I would at least like you to know what you overlooked. I have always honored Willis Carto, and, as he well knows, have defended him against the accusations printed in Walter Mueller's 'Patriot letter'. It pains me that you seem to think I am 'waffling', as there is no one in the Movement -- no one -- who is less guilty of waffling than I, and to say otherwise is simply to show your unfamiliarity with my writing.

I will be posting this letter in my Weekly Letter, and permanently on my website. If you would care to respond, I will be willing to post your response if requested, and/or your prior letter.




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