Letter to Douglas J Hagmann

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Note: Birdman recently posted a piece from Mr Hagmann's website, for which he was rewarded with a letter from Hagmann full of legal threats, arrogance, ignorance, lies, attitude problems and other unpleasantries. Here is the letter Birdman wrote back to Hagmann, whose letter is not included because the essence of what he said is clear enuf from Birdman's letter.

To: Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network, Editor, HQ INTEL-ALERT, director@homelandsecurityus.com, www.HomelandSecurityUS.com <dhagmann@adelphia.net>
From: John 'Birdman' Bryant (wwww.thebirdman.org)
Re: Birdman Posting of http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Temp/Temp-ImminentNuclearThreat-ButDon'tCoun
Contents: Opinion

OK, Jack. Here's the deal.

* I will remove the article as you request. You can rest assured that I am sorry to have posted it, because it was an article of very marginal quality -- so marginal, in fact, that I actually warned my readers to be skeptical of it.

* You will get no benefit from my removing the article, whereas if the article stays, you would have something that would direct people to your website. Now you will have nothing. Are you stupid or what?

* I will get no benefit from this -- rather I will have to take my good time to satisfy your inflated ego because it is 'your' article. I mean, why don't you get out on the street and jump up and down and yell "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Then everyone will know how REALLY STUPID you are.

* For your information, I prefer to link rather than post on my site -- it's quicker (no loading) and I don't have to deal with cretinous copyright holders like you. But when people don't send me a link, I can't do that (Most of the things I post are things people send me, your article being one). So, as in your case, I post.

* People like you who ask to have their articles removed are invariably filled with the notion that they have written something of IMMENSE importance. But 99 and 44/100ths percent of the time, what they have written is of immense UNIMPORTANCE, and the fact that they are so possessive of it merely shows their judgement is right down there in the toilet with their article or other creation.

* You should be honored that you got posted. My site is one of the most popular on the web. But I don't hear any thank-yous. Just fuck-yous. So allow me to return the favor. FUCK YOU, JACK.

Are you happy now?


PS: Now that I have taken a look at your website, I am even happier to remove your article. Altho your website is so poorly done -- the page does not fit into the browser window, and many of your links don't operate -- meaning that I cannot be certain of your basic position, it seems that you take the Official Government Line that some middle-east cave-dweller perpetrated 911. Besides this being completely fatuous, it is simply not in accord with the facts -- facts which you apparently find offensive because they are Politically Incorrect, and in particular show that the perpetrators of 911 were operatives of Israel and our own government. So not only are you putting out opinions based on ignorance or deliberate fabrication, but you yourself, by misleading people, are part of the problem that you are purportedly helping to solve.

In reference to the following statement from your letter:

>The material referenced was posted with the copyright notice attached,
>suggesting that your actions were done with full knowledge of the potential
>legal ramifications of the penalties cited under USC Title 17, Chapter 5,
>§501-513. In addition to this blatant violation of our legal rights, our
>document was subsequently associated with anti-Semitic, racist and
>objectionable material. By your actions, you have sullied our reputation
>caused discernible damage to our income and revenue stream from our
>fee-based, subscriber’s only newsletter.

In case you don't realize it -- and there is apparently very little that you realize -- your above statement shows you to be a blatant liar. That's because you claim damage from my posting that (1) you can't prove, (2) couldn't have happened in the few days since my post, even if you could prove it. Or rather, if you really do believe that my posting the article has negatively affected your reputation and income stream, then that can only be because you believe your article is such a congeries of nonsense that people who read it would be reluctant to go to your website. But on the other hand, if you believe it is a great article, as you apparently do, then it follows that you believe that people should be ATTRACTED to your website, which should POSITIVELY AFFECT your reputation and income stream, and that I have actually done you a favor by posting your article.

There's a lesson here, Jack. When people lie -- and especially when they are arrogant ignorant people like you -- then they get caught in their own web of words. You were trying to scare me with all your legal bullshit, but instead you ended up being hoist by your own petard. That's great news, especially for someone who has been a professional snoop for the last 18 years.

Have an ice day, Jack.

PPS: Ask not whether I am racist or antisemitic -- ask only whether I am RIGHT. (Hint: I am.)



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