Letter to G. Gordon Liddy

By John "Birdman" Bryant


September 25, 1995

G Gordon Liddy Author, Will c/o St Martin's Press 175 Fifth Av New York NY 10010

Dear Mr Liddy:

Informed people know several things about you: (1) that you were one of the participants in the so-called Watergate burglary, which led to the exposure of a range of illegal conspiratorial acts by the Nixon administration and the resignation of Nixon himself; (2) that you and your fellow burglars were closely associated with the CIA; and (3) that your prison sentence was made more severe for your refusal to name (ie, for your protecting) the higher-ups who were giving you orders to commit illegal acts. In view of these facts I find it strange that now, some two decades after Watergate, you have cultivated a public persona of anti-government shoot-the-fed-in- the-head rebelliousness, and yet you still have not come clean about Watergate. The most obvious explanation, of course, is that you are still an errand boy for the CIA/Big Government Establishment that you worked for during Watergate, but behave as if you hate the Establishment in order to make contacts among anti-government types as a sort of "sting" operation to help the government keep track of them and subvert their efforts. Another possible explanation for your behavior is that your "conversion" is genuine, but you fear that if you come clean on Watergate then "innocent people" will be hurt, including possibly yourself. But I don't give much credence to this latter explanation, since it is hard to imagine how a person who is "innocent" in these matters will be hurt. As for your own safety, since you are now a rich talk-show host, ex-CIA operative and reputed tough guy, I very much imagine that the threat to your own life is minimal at best. And on top of this, you could probably make another million by writing a tell-all book, so there is a clear motivation for you to come clean -- unless, as I suspect, you're hiding some dirty secret about yourself, such as running a sting operation against the patriot movement.

I plan to post this letter on my Internet home page, and if you care to answer it, I'll be happy to post your answer immediately following.

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