Letter on the LewRockwell Contretemps

By Alex Linder, Editor, Vanguard News Network


When I started [VNN] I was prone to firing off letters every time I came across a pulled punch. I am less prone to do that today unless I can use the letter on VNN to illustrate a point for my readers. Experience taught me that "respectable" writers respond neither to logic nor goads to their pride nor critical examinations of their self-interest measured by their words. Those marching under the "liberty" banner are herd animals like those they deride; the spirit of play; the spirit of freedom; the spirit of fight is not in them. ...

Lewrockwell.com is a site where self-marketers come together under the banner of "freedom." ...

[LRC writer Karen DeCoster] is as silly as she is Semitically Correct [see the exchange between Karen and the Birdman posted in the Rockwell Files in the Net Losses section], but she's no different from her leader, Lew Rockwell. If a man won't stand up for the truth -- knowing it -- why should some girl? Liberty is just a marketing label at lewrockwell.com; just the way freedom is at Free Republic. Real freedom is what you get at VNN and your site -- as a by-product of the men who created and sustain them. They parade the name, we have the substance.

LRC, as all cons/libts/whatever they call themselves, have ceded the leadership of the White movement to those of us willing to voice essential but unpopular truths. (They do not realize that the "freedom" movement is but a subset of the White.) They are mediocre people, and like all mediocre people they seek praise, not criticism, and so it is useless to gibe at them and expect a response. We are very soft today, we Americans, and close reasoning is dismissed by nearly everybody as rudeness it would be infra dig to respond to.)

They have traded noble causes -- pursuing truth and defending the interests of the White race -- for whatever vanity and emoluments being posted on LRC affords them. They are welcome to them.

Believe it or not, Lew Rockwell is the godfather of VNN. After enough emails poking him for punch-pulling on the Jewish question, he finally told me to quit bothering him and start my own site. Since by that time (after dozens of back and forths with "respectable" right-wing writers) it was clear that there was neither spunk nor spark among the "freedom"-lovers, I did. Thanks for inspiring Vanguard News Network, Rockwell. Probably the only thing you've ever done that actually did further freedom!

So, back to the original question: What do we do about LR the man, LRC the site, and similar men and sites? Well, my policy is to use them for my purpose. If they post good articles, I link to them. If they make dumb comments, I use them as a dart backboard. If they pull punches, I berate their cowardice and show people what they fear to say. If they choose not to acknowledge VNN or link to our original articles or place our daily updated site among their permanent links, that's their business. All I care is that my readers leave my site with the best understanding we can give them of how the world truly operates.

Lew Rockwell and his ilk are little people, content in their littleness. They're not going to change. We are free to complain that they are ignoring us, but all that will do is confirm them in their self-importance. If we are speaking and writing the truth, then over time that ought to become apparent. Because the internet is not big -- the internet is small. Read VNN and read LRC and decide for yourself who writes like a free man and who writes like a 'fraid man. I know what the reader will conclude, and that's why I don't pay much attention to LRC or other "respectables" these days. They will ignore us right up to the point they can't any longer.

Alex Linder, editor Vanguard News Network http://vanguardnewsnetwork.com/



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