Correspondence with Tom "Terrible Tommy" Metzger

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Tom Metzger may have his heart in the right place, tho that is highly doubtful, as he appears to be a spiteful ignoramus. But even if his heart is in the right place, his brain certainly isn't. He is exactly the kind of person we don't need in the movement -- stupid, unsubtle, in your face, and a sitting duck for opponents like the despicable Morris Dees, who won a judgment against Terrible Tommy that should have been laughed out of court.
The real problem here is that it is the people of the economic underclass like Terrible Tommy who have to endure the whips and scorns of the NWO/JWO racemixing and equalitarian schemes -- the upper classes can just move to a better neighborhood. That's why people like Terrible Tommy become 'haters' -- they have gone toe-to-toe with the Beast and know whereof they speak. But justified or not, Terrible Tommy is not going to win the Movement any converts -- the lower class is already converted, but they don't have any juice. It is upper class, and especially the leaders of that class, whom we have to reach, and with people like Terrible Tommy around, our job becomes ten times more difficult.

[Tom Metzger writes to complain about Birdman's posting of the allegation
that Metzger's PO box was accessed by Mo Dees and the SPLC as a result of
the $12 million judgment Dees won against Metzger in the Seraw murder case,
that addresses were culled, and that half the contributions were taken by
SPLC for Seraw's family.]

>>>>On 2/24/04 at 9:45 PM Tom Metzger wrote: >>>> >>>>>I am not familiar
with you but you challenged my exposure of James K. >>>>>warner and others.
I can prove any of those comments. If you want to >>>cover >>>>>each one I
will. >>>>>Instead of smearing me better check out these pillars of Tom >>>>Metzger

[Birdman replies:]

>>>>----- Original Message ----->>>>From: "John Bryant"
<> >>>>To: "Tom Metzger" <>
>>>>Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 6:15 AM >>>>Subject: Re: Terrible
tommy >>>> >>>> >>>>I never mentioned you on my site that I can recall, and
I certainly have >>>>not >>>>challenged your exposure of anyone. I have
never even HEARD of Warner, >>to >>>>my knowledge. I have no beef with you,
nor any knowledge of you beyond >>>the >>>>superficial.

[Metzer responds:]

>>>On 2/25/04 at 8:47 AM wrote: >>> >>>>Tom
Metzger and the SPLC >>>>Thanks mf >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>"Terrible Tommy"
Metzger is an idiot >>>> >>>>Tom Metzger, who calls himself "Terrible
Tommy" nowadays, recently said >>>>some >>>>defamatory things about Dr.
James Warner and others. This is because Dr. >>>>Warner et al. told about
Metzger's "sweetheart deal" with attorney >Morris >>>>Dees of the SPLC.
>>>> >>>>For those who aren't familiar with Metzger, he's an obnoxious fool
who >>>>lives >>>>in California and publishes an equally obnoxious paper
called "WAR" ->>>>"White >>>>Aryan Resistance." Of course, the only thing
he truly resists is >>>>commonsense >>>>and dignity. >>>> >>>>Ask "Terrible
Tommy" about this: >>>> >>>>The Southern Poverty Law Center Report, June
1995: >>>> >>>>[Picture of attorney with black child and woman] "Attorney
James McElroy >>>>with Henok Seraw and his mother Aynalem in Ethiopia. He
[McElroy] >>>presented >>>>him [Henok] with a check for $100,000 taken from
mail sent to Metzger's >>>>post >>>>office box. >>>> >>>>"Henok's
grandfather will receive $20,000. The remaining $80,000 has >been >>>>put
in a trust fund that will pay for Henok's care and education until >he
>>>>reaches adulthood. At that point, funds will be transferred to Henok.
>>>> >>>>"McElroy, the 'Unsung Hero' >>>> >>>>"Dees has called McElroy the
'unsung hero' of the case. >>>> >>>>"McElroy received the Civil Rights
Achievement Award from the >>>>Anti-Defamation League for his work on the
case, including his >innovative >>>>fashioning of a court order that
required Metzger to relinquish the keys >>>to >>>>his WAR post office box
where supporters continue to send money. The >>>>contents of the box are
collected by a court-appointed receiver, and a >>>>portion of the funds are
added to Henok's account." >>>> >>>>------>>>> >>>>All money sent to
Metzger is taken from his post office box. Of that >>>money, >>>>50 percent
of the funds are then mailed to Metzger, and 50 percent are >>>kept >>>>by
Dees and his associates. Dees, McElroy, et al. then use some of this
>>>>money for their expenses, and another portion of the money is sent to
>the >>>>Ethiopian. >>>> >>>>It might be added that all correspondence to
Metzger's post office box >is >>>>copied and forwarded to Dees too. I pity
anyone stupid enough to send >Mr. >>>>Metzger anything confidential. >>>>
>>>>If you want to get a message to Mr. Metzger quicker, please mail him at
>>>the >>>>following address ->>>> >>>>Tom Metzger c/o Morris Dees The
Southern Poverty Law Center 400 >>Washington >>>>St. Montgomery, AL 36104

[Birdman replies:]

>>>I remember now. Someone sent me the piece. A friend of yours, Donald E
>>>Pauly, said he would contact you for a rebuttal, but he never got back
to >>>me. If you have a rebuttal, send it and I will post.

[Metzger responds:]

>>On 2/25/04 at 1:27 PM wrote: >> >>>I learned
long ago that after you rebutt a couple of times it becomes a >>>futile
effort no matter what you say. i am surprised that Pauley sent >that >>>he
has represented himself to be a friend. You never know. If he did it I
>>>guess he is living up to his name trojan horse. I have been at my post
>for >>>over 30 years so I guess I can handle a few more years. if you want
to >>>continue leaving that smear up its your business but I assure you it
can >>be >>>rebutted.. >>>Not to be crude but its like this. I heard you
performed oral sex last >>>night on your buddy. Prove you >>>
thanks. TM

[Birdman replies:]

>>From: "John Bryant" <> >>To: "Metzger Tom"
<> >>Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:26 PM
>>Subject: Re: Terrible tommy This is it Friends dont spread shit >> >>
>>Out of fairness, it is my stated policy to allow anyone the opportunity
to >>rebut anything on my page. If you wish to reject the opportunity with
>some >>kind of look-down-your-nose pose, that is up to you. In my view,
the best >>response to bad speech is not your way -- censorship -- but my
way -- more >>speech. That's what my whole page is about -- free speech --
and if it >>isn't good enuf for you, then you and Abe Foxman should make
aliyah. As >>Donald would say, THIS year in Jerusalem.

[Metzger responds:]

>On 2/25/04 at 5:02 PM wrote: > >>How is it fair
to have a free smear policy of which I would have no >>knowledge if another
had not advised me. Its sort of like I said accusing >>someone of being a
cock sucker on the square in New York City and >murmuring >>he can rebut
the charge from brazil. >> if he ever gets the word. Ben Franklin had a
title for that. it was >>called >>the law of the Cudgel. Come to think of
it you can take all that right >wing >>chicken shit and ram it up your ass.
Its a toss up whether I hate guys >>loike >>you worse than Foxman. At least
he is standing for is people and thier >>games. While you guys cant wait to
spread any little piece of bullshit >>theat >>comes along. The time is
right for you and Pauly to run over tho Frisco >and >>get married. What a
couple.Fuck your brand of free speech. Tom Metzger

[Birdman replies:]

>Tell me, Tommie -- how, exactly and precisely is it that I am supposed to
>know you are telling the truth? Why the fact is, I CAN'T know. Nor can I
>know that the 'smear' is true. Therefore the best I can do -- ie, the
>closest I can come to getting at the truth -- is to post BOTH SIDES. >
>Now from all your profanity and other uncivilized exudations, it is clear
>that your thinking about truth and other such matters is about as subtle
as >a Russian battleship. You will also note that I do not respond in
unkind, >in keeping with my wish uphold white civilization, namely, good
manners. >To >this I will add that your behavior is exactly the kind we do
not need in >the >pro-white movement -- it's just what the Self-Chosen can
point to in order >to make us look like brutes. I might also remark that
insult is the last >refuge of the out-argued.

[Metzger responds:]

On 2/26/04 at 9:17 AM wrote:

>I wish we were a bunch of white brutes. Instead of a bunch of right -left
>pussies. If we were the brutes we may be called we would still own Western
>Civilization. >On the other hand if you were in the know you would know
that smear has >been >in the system ever since the trial and anyone that
has been anybody that's >been around for a while has seen this debate and
my rebuttal time after >time. suffice that its all been said a hundred
times before and I am not >going through it again for some Johnny come
lately that I don't even know. >I doubt you are a supporter and I doubt you
are a contributor and I doubt >you are a revolutionist but I can see you
are a typical right wing >conservative. You are living in another world
from me. So why debate it? I >am sorry that someone I considered a friend
saw fit to send that smear to >you. He has has heard my rebuttal many times
so it is obvious it was sent >to >damage me. These smears have been around
for years and I am still operating >more strong than before the trial. As
far as a brute I will admit if the >people who wish to smear me would do it
to my face I would show them what a >White Brute can do but alas they hide
in there little rooms with their >computers in fear of their own wives. I
think I have exhausted my patience >on the subject ,unlike the muck rakers
I have serious work to attend to. TM

[Birdman replies:]

It is nice to see a letter from you that my great aunt Fostina McMakin
could read without cracking her glass eye. Thank you.

Now let us observe for all men in these presents that you have dressed
yourself in the uniform of the Great Aryan Excuse Machine in attempting to
explain -- or rather 'explain' -- the charges against you. You have argued
ad meum ignorantum "If I were in the know, I would know'; you have argued
ad repetum ("I have said it all before"); you have argued ad victimum ("My
former colleague is screwing me") and probably a dozen and twenty other
similar arguments -- or rather 'arguments' -- but in spite of forests
felled and tankers of ink spilled in making all these arguments, you have
not supplied us with even the tiniest reason why we should believe the
charges false. Indeed, the very numbers of forests and tankers of ink
suggests that you are doing everything in your power to AVOID answering the
charges, because if you did, your ass would be gas. Now mind you, I am not
saying they are true. But I can smell a rat, and until someone makes me a
very good argument that I am really nose-deep in a bouquet of fresh
flowers, I am going to bet my money on the rat.

Let me put it slightly differently. If these charges have been circulating
ever since your trial, what is to keep you from posting a complete
explanation on your website, and then simply referring your post to anyone
who inquires? Tres simple, Nescafe? So why haven't you done it? One
explanation is that you are a bit slow on the uptake; but since I am a Kind
Person, I would never suggest any such thing. Instead, I suggest that it is
because you are afraid to -- perhaps you don't want your explanation
examined too closely. Or perhaps it is because the charges are true or
partly true, and you don't want to get caught in a lie. All of which leads
to the same conclusion -- your credibility here is not the altus ultimus.
In short, therefore, if you want to be believed, BE BELIEVABLE. So far, you
are approximately 7 leagues and a country mile from that particular

Now while we're restin', let's take up one other small matter. The problem
with the pro-white movement is that it is infected by a bunch of no-goods,
and that doesn't even count the double-agents, of whom there are plenty, I
am sure. Certainly the premier example of this is David Irving, whose
thieving, lying and other excursions into the Pit have been detailed at
length on my website, (see the Net Losses section).
Others who have been publicly outed include a few familiar faces from the
Politbureau over at NatVan, and privately I have heard a few things which
may yet be employed in beauty shops to curl hair. I would like to believe
that you are not infected with the virus of grasping and lying that is so
readly attributed to the Foreskinner contingent, but which seems to reside
mostly in the folks who make accusations against them. However, when I see
you behaving like the Great Aryan Excuse Machine, and also when I see you
attacking one of the finest and most upstanding members of our team --
Donald -- I have to wonder if I didn't make a wrong turn somewhere and end
up on the Road to Hell.

Your move, Tommie.

[Metzger replies:]

If you had ever sent me a check or accompanied me to the post office or
bank you would see who endorses the checks and handles all mail. Well I
will leave you at that make the worst of it but all this crap has floated
around since the early nineties and I am still here. I suggest you ask
Morris for a check considering you and Harold Covington's hard work to keep
the smears going. You might read 100 little Hitler's for more information.
Suffice that my family fought Dees all the way with no help from the right
wing. He was damaged in the eyes of the liberals all over the country. When
you are ready to walk away from your family home and business and lose a
wife fighting Dees then give me a call. No one else ever stood up to him.
Realize this I was offered the opportunity to keep my family home and
business if I left the movement. I refused and have paid the price. Both
you and the rest of the great warriors don't seem to realize that if I did
want to work with the enemy I could write my own check to betray while
working for the SPLC and the ADL. I know that's a bit difficult for you to
figure out. Mr. Birdman I am out of here and will not communicate again. In
closing as I said before .I heard from a guy you are a cocksucker please
defend yourself and post your denial on your website or send it to me . I
will post it headlined BIRDMAN DENIES HE IS A COCKSUCKER. I will let the
stupidity and arrogance of the right do the rest. lol Tom Metzger

[Metzger writes again to Birdman and others:]

I could blow this whole nonsense out of the water but I wont at this time
because it keeps the phony's of the right wing away from me. Just remember
the devil is in the details. At the end of the judgment period I will tell
all and possibly before but I will let you lame brains stew in this rumor
mill crap. It will make a great movie. lol Communications terminated
Terrible Tommy

[Donald writes to Birdman re Metzger:]

>It appears that Terrible Tommie didn't learn anything from the Portland
>trial. While he has done a lot of good work for White Nationalism, he
>continues to batter down walls with his head. >

[Birdman writes to Donald Pauly:]

What I can't understand is why he would make a big deal about denying the
PO box thing, when he is obviously still paying the $12 million judgment.
It is clear that the Dad Gummit is keeping watch over his finances and
taking a cut, and this cut is coming out of contributors' sendings, at
least partly.

[End of correspondence]

Birdman postscript: Tom Metzger is exactly the type of person we don't need
in the movement. Cross-burning foul-mouthed hakencreutzers will do nothing
but turn people off and provide film footage for Mo Dees. The battle for
white rights and Western civ must be fought with words, not fists, whips
and guns. It is a battle for the mind, not a battle for the streets. When
it is time for street-fighting, Metzger may come into his own. Till then,
he is a liability and an embarrassment, and makes the whole movement look
like the parody that the mass media so assiduously cultivates -- a motley
assortment of hillbillies, rednecks, ignoramuses and 'haters'. Metzger
might think he's working for whites, but he is actually working for the
Dark Side. Let the Force be with us, and the coarse be with him.

And while you are at it, if you are contributing to Metzger, why not
redirect those contributions to the Birdman and get twice the bang for your


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