Walter the Mule Kicks Again

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Walter "The Truth Is Outta Business" Mueller, aka Walter the Mule,
cannot seem to keep from attacking other movement people, especially the
Birdman. Indeed, in only the last week [late August 03] I have been attacked twice by this
malevolent little pastry cook who seems to imagine himself to be some sort
of modern-day fuehrer. The first attack I recorded in Quotes of the Day,
as follows:

> Justin Raimondo, who looks like a Columbian druglord,
> is taking another cheap shot at the Institute for
> Historical Review.
> I am absolutely tired of guys like this who, on one
> hand badmouth the Jews, and on the other badmouth us.
> I call it double talk, and I do not want to be part of
> it. So here it is: DO not forward me stuff from:
> The Birdman
> Bill White
> and La Voz
> I am sick of these traitors, opportunists, who take
> advantage of a desperate situation.
> And shame on those of you who keep forwarding their
> stuff. They are parasites and worse than anything one
> can ever run into. Most of them are also so looney
> that they damage the little credibility we have.
> You are either for or against it. I am so fed up with
> this in-the-middle thing. I don't care if they bash
> the Jews, when they still believe in the lies of the
> holocaust. So, if you like their stuff that much, keep
> it in your own mailbox and don't clog up mine with it.

[Birdman comment: It rather seems that Walter the Mule (see Net Losses) is
suffering from an Ambiguity Crisis, apparently brought on by seeing my
latest Weekly Letter, which he unintentionally quotes ("Yew is either FER
us ur AGIN' us"). What is particularly funny is to see guys like Walter
gradually toss everyone off their mailing list until there is NO ONE LEFT!
'Course if they start off with a big enuf list it can take quite a while.
Now don't you go sendin' this to Walter -- he might just throw you off his

One thing the reader should be aware of is that Walter the Mule is a
Hitler-worshipper. Now Hitler had his good points -- he was attempting to
save Germany (and the white race) from the Jews, for example -- but he had
some bad points as well, most importantly that he was a totalitarian who
was just as enthusiastic as our present-day elites about creating a New
World Order -- indeed, he used that VERY TERM to describe his program. But
the thing that white racial enthusiasts like Hitler and Walter don't
understand is that not only is freedom -- both personal and political -- an
integral part of white Western culture, but that whites, unlike the lower
genetic orders such as negroes and Turd-Worlders, are only able to fully
prosper and reach their highest level of development when they are free.
Whites -- unlike the lower orders -- are what David Riesman has called
INNER-DIRECTED, which means they do not require outward force to make them
behave properly.

From his little foot-stamping diatribes, it is not difficult to tell that
Walter is a totalitarian of the first (yellow) water. For example, he
doesn't merely disagree with the Birdman et al, rather he labels us
'traitors', meaning that if Walter only had the power Hitler had, then we
would all be shot at dawn, and probably drawn and quartered as well. So
Walter the Mule, just like Hitler, misses the major point about the white
race and Western civ -- that freedom is what makes us tick.

As I stated earlier, Walter has attacked me twice this week. The following
are quotes from his second attack:

> Racial slurs, calls for violence, have been the
> moniker of most "white power groups". Look where it
> has gotten us. National Alliance,,
> Lauck, Birdman, etc. have become the poster boys for
> the enemy.

Poster boy? Has anyone seen my name mentioned by the Hebraics? I didn't
think so. Gee whiz, Walter, have you been caught in another lie?

Another quote from Walter:

> Here is another example. Just recently, I got an
> e-mail from a reader, saying: "You dead wrong about
> the Birdman". Actually, he is dead wrong, even if the
> Birdman provides some good information on his website,
> the ugly things are what is being used by the enemy.
> Just look on how he represents himself. Crazy is the
> only word that I can think of. The truth is, anyone
> interested in protecting our culture, our heritage and
> our way of life certainly is not going to put a
> picture of himself, clothes with a robe and a bird
> shitting on his head. Add on the promotion of porn and
> degradation of women and even the Birdman's best stuff
> becomes sewage.

In the above paragraph, Walter is apparently telling us that anyone who
represents himself as a bird lover is not 'protecting our culture, our
heritage, our way of life' etc. This, however, is typical of Walter's
igneated ignorance and strombolic stupidity; for until only the last
century, pigeons held a vital and respected place in our culture, as both
messengers and as poultry, a position they had held for the previous FIVE
THOUSAND YEARS. They were, for example, an integral part of the
communication system of the Roman empire (after which Walter's favorite
hero, Hitler, patterned his twelve-year Thousand-Year Reich), and pigeons
were still so valued as messengers in both WW1 and WW2 that many were
actually AWARDED MILITARY MEDALS for their actions under fire. (You will
find links to material about this on my website.)

As for Walter the Mule's accusation about the 'degradation of women', we
can only wonder where Walter's fuzzy little mind picked up this idea, but we
do note that the near-official nazi position on women was 'kinder, kusche,
kirsch' (ie, that women should spend their time either with children, in
the kitchen or at church), something which modern attitudes would consider
to be degrading indeed.

As for porn, Walter the Mule's rant against it is yet another example of
his stupefying ignorance and world-class stupidity, as one will discover by
reading the essay posted on my site entitled "Pornography: The Flower of
Western Civilization". But since Walter is incapable of appreciating the
facts, let's just ask him one little question: What do you think about when
you jerk off, Walter -- or when you bonk some drippy-cunted pimple-butted
cigar-smoking syphilitic skag at your local brothel, or whatever it is that
you do to get off? I will get out on a limb here and assume you are not a
Roehmosexual, and will therefore guess that what you think about is TITS
AND ASS, and, in particular, a bunch of FILTHY STUFF THAT THE TITS AND ASS
Waltie! So tell me, why exactly is it ok to have the image in your MIND
but not have it on PAPER or VIDEO? I'll tell you why: NO REASON AT ALL,

But for all his foot-stomping, Walter does raise an issue worth
commenting upon: Why do I choose to depict myself with birds, rather than a
formal coat-and-tie photo (or maybe just a dungarees-and-tee-shirt photo)?
The answer is as follows:

For one thing, depicting myself with birds is distinctive, like a
trademark. People may not remember 'John Bryant', but they absolutely
cannot forget 'the Birdman'. That helps me to get recognized, to get
attention, to get people to my site, and to get my message out.

A second reason for my bird pix is that they create rapport with my
audience. Most people love animals, and when they see that I am also an
animal lover, this starts off their relationship with the Birdman on a
positive note.

A third reason for the bird pix is that they make people curious to know
about me. Wild birds don't normally go sitting on people's heads or permit
other intimacies, so it immediately arouses people's interest as to why
this is occurring, and thereby gives my message a foot in the door, so to

A fourth reason for the bird pix is that I deal in some very harsh
realities, and by associating myself with something which is the opposite
of harsh, I help to soften this harshness and make people more receptive to
my message. More particularly, those who are skeptical of Jewish Truths
have long been depicted as 'haters', but I confound this depiction when I
present myself surrounded by birds whom I obviously love and who obviously
love me.

Walter the Mule, of course, is much too stupid and ignorant to appreciate
all this, but then what can you expect from a malevolent Hitler-worshipping
pastry cook?

Another quote from Walter:

> In my opinion, I say to you get the Swastikas and
> violent rhetoric off your websites. Start behaving
> like the ones you claim to be: superior! Birds on your
> heads and "Nazi" signs will only get you rejections,
> and you will continue to preach to the choir. Wake up,
> as Stan Hess says: "It's my culture." Today, the best
> way to defeat the enemy is with facts, logic, ideas
> and our culture.
> We have to let our people know that extremists like
> White, Birdman, Connor and Lauck are the descendants
> of our culture from the gutter.

Now I do find it amusing to be told by a garble-mouthed Hitler-worshipper
that I am an 'extremist' and that I am numbered among 'the descendants of
our culture from the gutter', whatever that means. And I also find it
quite remarkable that Walter the Mule is calling for the abandonment of
swastikas and violent rhetoric, since this sounds curiously like what I was
calling for in my last week's Weekly Letter, "Big Tent 3" (If you want to
review it, it's posted in the Diversity section of my website). But hey,
if Walter the Mule thinks my ideas are so good that he has to steal them,
well I guess I ought to feel complimented!

Here's one final quote from Walter:

> Yes, I love my culture and my heritage, and no, I
> don't want to be part of any other culture. Would I
> like to see all the Third Worlders leave? Sure! Do I
> want segregation of my race? Sure! But I do not want
> to kill, lock up, and destroy all that isn't in
> agreement with my views.
> Unless we stop this demonizing by the enemy and make
> the extreme go away, we will have very little success.

But of course! Walter the Mule doesn't want to destroy all that isn't in
agreement with his views -- just the Birdman, Bill White, Justin Raimondo,
the Carto supporters, and any other major or minor movement figure that
deviates from his Hitler-worshipping Party Line! And while he obviously
wants to keep people from demonizing HIM, his assertion that Birdman and
other movers and shakers in the movement are 'traitors' makes it pretty
clear that HE will have not the least compunction in demonizing anyone and
everyone whenever he wants. Good show, Walter -- you can goose-step with
the best of them!

In conclusion, let me say that there are two basic types of movement
people: Those whose major effort is directed toward constructive things
(like educating others), and those whose major effort is directed toward
attacking other movement people. Obviously, Walter the Mule falls into the
latter category. People like Walter do nothing but sap the energy that
would otherwise go to constructive projects. It's easy to start a fight,
because even the closest people have differences. What is difficult is
learning to get along with others by being tolerant of those differences.

Willis Carto recently wrote me the following: "Re Mueller, I don't think
I have ever met him and have no idea why he wants to support losers like
[Mark] Weber, [Greg] Raven and [?] Taylor who have completely wrecked the
IHR, which I, as you know, created and directed. When they pushed me out at
gunpoint, I had built up the paid circulation of the IHR to 7,000. Now it's
zero. Let Mueller defend this if he wants to."

My point in quoting Carto is that Walter the Mule has aligned himself
with the IHR people and against Carto, which means that he has aligned
himself WITH people who have caused major destruction in the movement, and
AGAINST someone who has been a major builder. Here then, is the big
picture we must never lose sight of: It is vital that we align ourselves
with the builders, and reject the destroyers. "By the fruit ye know the

In short, someone needs to tell this monumentally stupid, ignorant,
malevolent and bad-tempered little pastry cook to crawl back into the sewer
he came out of.



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