Unity vs Cleanliness, Or Why I Reject the New Orleans Protocol

By John "Birdman" Bryant


The White Liberation Movement is split on a very important question, namely, the question of whether Movement people should criticize other Movement people openly and risk disunity, or else keep their criticism to themselves and risk allowing moles and sleazebags to work unmolested. This question was addressed by the so-called 'New Orleans Protocol', which a number of prominent Movement voices endorsed, and which opted in favor of keeping silent.

For my part, I cannot endorse silence over unity, and this for the reason that there is simply no reason to be silent. We are not running a military campaign where disunity might give the enemy some criticial piece of information that could undermine some great battle. Rather, we are fighting a war of ideas, and this kind of conflict is not going to be much affected if some of the soldiers are sleazebags, moles or other unpleasant types, since it is the ideas themselves, and not the people who are putting them forth, that are the centers of attention. But on the other hand, if we have a policy of openness -- of outing the sleazebags, moles, etc whenever they are discovered -- then this not only discourages the presence of these types, but it keeps people alert to the fact that agents of the 'feral government', the Jewish establishment, and other New World Orderlies, self-aggrandizers, power-at-any-price-ers and similar types could be anywhere, and thus that caution in behavior should always be exercised.

In the present section, and in the subsection on the Movement in the Articles of Others section, we are anything but silent. We freely discuss the dark undersides of a number of movement icons, and we make no apologies. Indeed, it is rather shocking how many Movement people have been tainted with improper behavior. I hasten to add, however, that criticism does not constitute rejection, and that in spite of the beams and motes which we see in the eyes of our compatriots, we must ultimately judge people on their overall effect, and not on some single unwelcome incident.


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