Note: This is NOT a Jewish discovery!....
Treatment of Cataracts from the Qur'an
...therefore, will kikestan on the potomac declare it "evil" and bomb the hell out of the Swiss company?"

One of the Swiss pharmaceutical companies has started producing a new
medicine called "Medicine of Quran" which allows the treatment of cataract without
surgery. As the newspaper Ar-Raya, published in Qatar writes, "this drug which
was synthesized by an Egyptian doctor, Abdul Basit Muhammad, from the secretions
of human sweat glands and has an effectiveness of 99 per cent with absolutely
no side effects, was registered in Europe and the United States. It is also
reported that one of the Swiss companies produces the new drug in the form of
liquid and eye drops.

The source of inspiration is Surah(chapter) Yusuf. Dr Abdul Basit Muhammad
emphasised that he obtained his inspiration from Surah Yusuf and said:

"Once in the morning, I was reading Surah(chapter) Yusuf. My attention
lingered over the 84th and successive ayats/verses).
" Go with this shirt of mine, and cast it over the face of my father, he will
become clear-sighted, and bring to me all your family" (Qur'an 12:93)

They tell that Prophet Yakub who was mourning his son Yusuf (peace be upon
them) in sadness and grief got his eyes turned white and later when people cast
over the sorrowful father's face, the shirt of his son Yusuf, vision returned to
him and he was able to see again. Here I started pondering. What could be
there in the shirt of Yusuf? Finally I arrived at the decision that nothing except
sweat could be on it. I concentrated my thoughts over the sweat and its
composition. Then I proceeded to the laboratory for research.

I carried out a series of experiments on rabbits. The results turned out to
be positive. Later I performed treatment on 250 patients by administering the
drug twice a day for two weeks. Finally I achieved 99 per cent success and said
to myself:

"This is the miracle of the Quran" Dr Abdul Basit Muhammad presented the
results of his research to appropriate institutions in Europe and the United
States dealing with patenting of new discoveries for consideration. After tests
and research were performed, he finalised a contract with a Swiss company on
the production of the medicine on the condition that the package should clearly
mention- "Medicine of Quran."

In the words of the Egyptian scientist, the company accepted his condition
and started producing the new drug. (Courtesy-Ar-Raya,Qatar) Allah Ta'ala says
in the Qur'an-e-Kareem:

"We send down from the Qur'an that which is a healingand mercy to those who
believe." (QURAAN 17:82).

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