Does Raw Milk Cure Multiple Sclerosis?

By Our Danish Correspondent


Because of my interest in proper nutrition, i have for a number of years been using Raw milk. Here in Denmark where i live, All milk in the stores is as a minimum low pasteurized, which means it has been flash heated to about 65 degrees centigrade. That simply is not good enough for one who has been reading Aajonus Von Der Planitz, Pottengers Cats etc.

I succeeded in finding a source for raw, organic, bio dynamic milk. I gladly pay twice the price and have been drinking it for about 6 years by now. I'm a milk addict, and no other milk will do. I guzzle a liter or two per day. These bio dynamic farmers have been fighting an uphill battle for thirty years, so often i help them selling their produce on saturdays, and get some produce in return.

Some months ago we were approached by a Veterinarian Dr.. She was looking for a source of raw milk for her brother because he suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. This Vet. had been working in the United Arabian Emirates (do you call them that in the US?), using laser acupuncture to improve the performance of their race horses. In the U.A.E., they have been sponsoring scientific research into the life style of the old nomadic tribes, and how they could subsist under the harsh and scarce circumstances in the desert. A spin off of this research was how MS could be handled.

An Arab woman with MS lives next to a camel, so that each day she can get some very fresh raw camel milk. As long as she gets that, she is healthy, and has no symptoms of MS. If she does not get it, she might relapse. So here's what the arabs found out, as told to me by Ms. horse vet.:

One should have about a quart(?) (250 ml) once a day of fresh raw milk. For optimum results, it should be ingested within 20 minutes after being milked. It does not matter from what kind of animal the milk comes from ,be it cow, goat, sheep, camel etc. What matters is, that it be as fresh as possible.

The scientific explanation could be that MS sufferers lack a certain enzyme complement, that is present in raw milk. An anthroposofic explanation would be that milk is a perfect spiritual food, and MS is defined by Steiner (founder of anthroposophy) as a disease brought about by atrophiation of the Soul/Spirit, so the Spirit food will counter the condition. The vet's brothers condition has improved a lot since he started the raw milk regime. He is not able to get it fresh everyday, so he freezes the milk down in daily portions, which he thaws out each day and ingests.

How many with MS could benefit from this regime? Hard to say, MS sufferers differ very much from each other. But it is certain that some will have total remissions, and others a marked improvement within just a few weeks, if the above is tried, and of course the program can be enhanced with other fresh raw foods, and a sensible diet. This seems to be a far better choice than what modern medical treatment can offer like Beta interferon etc., that can report no such total remissions.



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