"camp physicians must use all means at their disposal
significally to reduce the death rate in the various camps..."

Himmler To The SS: "Don't Let The Jews Die"
So, is the Hollywood-style history written by
the Chosen about as valid as a three-dollar bill???...

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On December 28, 1942 the head of the SS concentration camp
administrative office sent a directive to Auschwitz and other
camps criticizing the high death rate among prisoners due to
disease. [This directive was part of the exhibits at the Nuremburg
war crimes trials. It was Nuremburg document PS-2171. Annex 2.nc
& A red series, Vol. 4, pp. 833-834.]

The directive order that "camp physicians must use all means at
their disposal to significally reduce the death rate in the various
camps..." and that "...the camp doctors are to see to it that the
working conditions at the various labor places are improved as much
as possible." The order noted that SS chief Heinrich Himmler "has
ordered the death rate absolutely must be reduced."

Ironically, Norbert Masur, an official of the Swedish branch of the
World Jewish Congress, met with Himmler on April 25, 1945. Masur's
account of the meeting, published in the December 1985 issue of
'Moment', revealed: "During an extended conversation, Himmler
complained of the rising charges of genocide being levelled against
Germany and pointed out, 'In order to contain the epidemics, we were
forced to build crematoria where we could burn the corpses of count-
less people who passed away because of these diseases. And now, they
want to put a noose around our necks.'"  

What these crematoria were used for was saving the European Jews
from the spread of typhus from the disease-ridden bodies of typhus
victims in the camps. The crematoria had absolutely nothing to do
with any program of "mass murder" by the Nazis of the Jews of Europe
and are not evidence of any such program.

Some creative Holocaust "historians" have contended that if the Nazis
did not gas many Jews [or kill them outright through other clever
means], they certainly did deliberately starve them to death. However,
Dr. Russell Barton, who spent one month at the Belsen camp as a
medical student after the war, reported that: "I was surprised to see
records [at the camp] going back back for two or three years, of
large quantities of food cooked daily for distribution. At that time
I became convinced, contrary to popular opinion, that there had never
been a policy of deliberate starvation. This was confirmed by the
large numbers of well-fed inmates.

Why then were so many people suffering from malnutrition? Reported
Barton: "The major reasons...were disease, gross overcrowding by
central authority, lack of law and order within the huts, and
inadequate supplies of food, water and drugs." And this, according to
Barton, only happened during the final months of the war,
when Allied bombing shut off supplies to the concentration
camps. So it is, then, that it may have been the Allies who
were at least indirectly responsible for many of those stacks
of dead bodies discovered upon the liberation of the camps.
(Just Washington, D.C. keeping intact its title as "Super Terrorist of the Planet")