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[During WWII, British and American intelligence services routinely broke German coded secret messages. The Germans transmitted messages of their "roundup and killing" of Jewish partisans on the western front and transportation of Jews in occupied territory eastward as part of their re-settlement program. However, the Germans transmitted nothing about gas chambers or an extermination plan for Jews or anyone else. Why? Because neither existed. Ed. 1/5//97]


(Le Temps Irreparable, Paris, 11/19/96) In a recent post on Internet, Eric L. Broomfield of Arizona State University ( wrote this :
"On November 10, 1996 on the front page of the Washington Post an article by Michael Dobbs revealed that the codebreakers at Bletchley Park had intercepted and decoded German Police radio and telegram messages documenting German atrocities against Jews at the Eastern Front in 1941.

"This article was based on research headed by Professor Richard Breitman of American University. My own research at the National Archives last June parallels and expands Professor Breitman's work. As a graduate student from Arizona State University, I was doing research at the National Archives in College Park Md. My research centers on early Anglo-American intelligence cooperation before Pearl Harbor. In the course of this research I consulted the Historic Cryptographic Collection (recently released as part of the National Security Agency's Open Door Project). I came across a secret history on the joint U.S. and British intelligence efforts during World War II. This history was prepared under American and British supervision immediately after the war.

"This secret history is fifteen bound volumes and is broken down by subject. Volume 13 of this history is entitled "The German Police." This volume confirms the information contained in the Washington Post article that the British had early knowledge of German atrocities in Russia and that the so called "Ordinary Police" as well as the Einsatzgruppen were involved in the roundup and killing of Jews. [...]

"So it is clear that from the very beginning the British were aware of German eliminationist policy towards the Jews. Also clear from the secret history is that the British had extensive knowledge of German atrocities against so-called Bolshevists. This makes it clear that the British, and later Americans were aware of the Nazi policy to eliminate the communist leadership in territories that were recently taken from the Soviet Union. [...]

"The secret history also makes clear that from Ultra intercepts there was never any mention of the gassing of Jews either in the so-called "Death Vans" or at the permanent death camps in Poland. However the history does make clear that the British, and ultimately American, efforts to break German codes at Bletchley Park became aware of the large scale railroad transportation of Jews in Europe. This knowledge was obtained by breaking various German railroad codes. [...]"

The Washington Post added this : "The extraordinary thing about these documents is that they contain new information both about the Holocaust itself and what the West knew about the Holocaust," said Richard Breitman, a professor of history at American University, who filed a Freedom of Information Act request for 1.3 million pages of German intercepts handed over to the NSA by the British." (See the Washington Post website.)

This, of course, is false. The "Ultra intercepts", i.e. the breaking of the German codes thanks to a codemachine brought to London by intelligence operatives, is well known for more than twenty years. A score of books have already been written and if any special knowledge about the so-called Holocaust had been embedded if these montains of transcripts, there would have been someone to unearth the precious document. It is not big news to learn that German military police shot plunderers and called them "Jewish plunderers" in their daily report to Berlin.

The Ultra intercepts have shown that the Allies knew everything about Germany, from very early on in the war. There was no possible secret. The Germans did not suspect the codebreaking. In these 1.3 million pages and in this 13 volume secret history, there is nothing about gas chambers. In the 160.000 documents from the Auschwitz SS Construction service scanned by independant scholar J. C. Pressac, not one can be firmly ascribed to a gas chamber, supposedly built by this very service. And no document is missing from these files.

Is it too much to ask the historians to produce the orders and the budget of the gas chambers operation, or if they cannot, to desist from supporting something that has no existence in the millions and millions of pages of available documents? How many more million pages do we need before we recognize that the absence of documentary evidence should have some consequences on our understanding? Who are those believing in flat earth theories ? This is plainly ridiculous.

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