Subj: ZGram - February 8, 1999 - "Last Blast"
Date: 2/9/99 10:43:56 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (E. Zundel)

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February 9, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I had really meant to include the letter below in yesterday's ZGram, but I
had so much fun with that one it got a bit too long.

It is important, however, to make it part of the ZGram intent to "catch the
flavor of the times" - so here it is, an intelligent and measured response
to the derogatory even though funny New Yorker article, courtesy of Mark
Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review:

Subject: Letter to The New Yorker

P.O. Box 2739
Newport Beach, CA 92659 USA

Monday, 1 February 1999


The New Yorker
20 West 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a member of "the Holocaust denial mob" and as someone who has known Fred
Leuchter rather well, I was disappointed to read Mark Singer's polemic,
"The Friendly Executioner" (Feb. 1).

All too readily he dismisses "The Leuchter Report," which concludes, on the
basis of a 1988 on-site forensic examination of the alleged execution gas
chambers at Auschwitz and Birkenau, and an analysis of samples taken from
the sites, that these facilities could not possibly have been used to kill
people as alleged, and in fact were never used to kill people as claimed.

As it happens, Leuchter's findings have been authoritatively corroborated
and confirmed by others.

Dr. William B. Lindsey, an American research chemist who was employed for
33 years by the Dupont Corporation, anticipated Leuchter's findings in his
sworn testimony during a February 1985 trial. Based on his own careful
on-site examination of the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, Birkenau and
Majdanek, and on his years of experience as a chemist, Lindsey declared
under oath: "I have come to the conclusion that no one was willfully or
purposefully killed with Zyklon B in this manner. I consider it absolutely

In a September 1990 forensic report, the Institute of Forensic Research in
Krakow, Poland, corroborated Leuchter's findings.

A prominent engineer in Vienna, Walter Lüftl, explicitly defended "The
Leuchter Report" in a detailed March 1992 analysis, and similarly concluded
that the widely accepted allegations of mass gassings at Auschwitz and
other wartime camps are not credible.

German engineer Germar Rudolf confirmed Leuchter's findings in a detailed
1993 forensic report. On the basis of an on-site investigation, chemical
analysis of samples, and meticulous research, Rudolf similarly concluded
that the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz and Birkenau were never used to kill
prisoners as alleged.

In January 1995 the prestigious French weekly magazine L'Express
acknowledged that the "gas chamber" in the Auschwitz main camp, which has
been shown for decades to tourists in its "original" state, is actually a
postwar reconstruction, and that "everything is false" about it.

In July 1998 Austrian engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich corroborated Leuchter's
findings in a district court trial in Baden, Switzerland. Testifying under
oath, the expert witness explained that prisoners could not possibly have
been killed by gassing at Auschwitz and Birkenau as has been alleged for

Singer's characterization of the 1988 trial in Toronto of Ernst Zündel (in
which I testified) is misleading. In August 1992 Canada's Supreme Court
declared unconstitutional the law under which the German-born publicist had
been convicted and twice found guilty.

Singer regrettably expresses not a word of criticism for the outrageous
persecution of Holocaust "thought criminals" in European countries where it
is now illegal to express doubt about the orthodox Holocaust extermination

If the revisionist view of the Holocaust were really as simplistic and
mistaken as Singer suggests, it would not have gained the support of
university professors such as Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson, historians
such as David Irving and Harry Elmer Barnes, and former concentration camp
inmates such as Paul Rassinier. These individuals did not decide publicly
to reject the orthodox Holocaust story -- thereby risking public censure,
and worse -- because they are fools, or because their motives are evil, but
rather on the basis of a sincere and thoughtful evaluation of the evidence.

Fred Leuchter is indeed a victim, not of some "denial mob," as Singer
suggests, but rather of contemptible bigots who have succeeded in
destroying his career. He deserves not Singer's patronizing scorn, but our
gratitude for his courageous investigation of a particularly emotion-laden
chapter of history.


Mark Weber
Institute for Historical Review

(end of letter)

Thought for the Day:

"When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers therefore are the
founders of human civilization."

(Daniel Webster)

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