Letter to Camp Commandants On Death Rate

Thanks Paul

Oranienburg 20th January 1943
Adressed to Commandants of all Camps.

The enclosed letter is to inform you of following;
As I have already mentioned, you must use every method available to lower the death rates in the camps.
By making all the rations available to you as tasty as possible, and by including the many food parcels that are now being delivered I believe this to be possible
I am making the Camp Commandants and the Office of  Camp Affairs personally responsible for carrying out these orders and I will, when dealing with future personnel assessments keep in mind whether you carried out your duties, in this area, to the very best of your abilities. 
(This letter was obviously written in code and should be interpreted to read...kill all Jews, throw children into burning pits otherwise you are off the the Ruski front )

Copy of the original: