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"The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at."

Final Solution nbr. 1:

USA-Today - May 2, 1997, 14A:

"1942: January: The Nazis unveil plans for a »Final Solution« at Wannsee Conference. Genocide becomes official policy."

Wannsee Conference:

A meeting held in January, 1942, in the Berlin su-burb of Grossen-Wannsee where the Nazis mapped the "Final Solution", the planned annihilation of the Jewish people.

The Rev. Franklin H. Littell of the Anne Frank Institut
"Days of Remembrance"
published by the Office of the secretary of Defense.
Washington, February 1989, p. 132

But only the following is the truth, according to Yehuda Bauer, now Director of the Israeli Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre!


Wannsee's importance rejected

ybauer.gif (22294 Byte)London (JTA) - An Israeli Holocaust scholar has debunked the Wannsee Conference, at which top Nazi officials are said to have gathered at a villa in a Berlin suburb in 1942 to draw the blueprints of the "Final Solution"

According to Prof. Yehuda Bauer (photo) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wannsee was a meeting, "but hardly a conference", and "little of what was said there was executed in detail."

"The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at."

Final Solution nbr. 2:

In June 1941, Theodore N. Kaufman, president of the American Peace Movement and adviser to President Roosevelt, unveils a plan for a "Final Solution". Genocide becomes official policy - the planned annihilation of the German people. For the records: It was not Adolf Hitler, but the Jew, T. N. Kaufman, who invented the words "Final Solution". Was Hitler later only retaliating against Kaufman's extermination plan? It is a fact, that America and the American-Jewish media mafia had cheered Mr. Kaufman's efforts, mapping the "Final Solution", the annihilation of the German people:

perish.jpg (3754 Byte)Photo: Front cover of the original book, containing Mr. Kaufman's annihilation plan:

"Germany Must Perish" presents a plan for the structure of a permanent and lasting peace among civilized nations. And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty: "Germany must perish" for-ever! In fact - not in fancy!  ... The personal war-lust which exists as a whole in the German masses. German leaders are not isolated from the will of the German people ... (6,7)

I feel no more personal hatred for these people [the Germans] than I might feel for a herd of wild animals or a cluster of poisonous reptiles ... They have lost the wish to be human beings. They are but beasts; they must be dealt with as such (16). There is only one way to frustrate such a desire: the goal of world-dominion must be removed from the reach of the German and the only way to accomplish that is to remove the German from the world (28). The vicious virus of Germanism had been injected into the life stream of the public, and the Germans awaited the epidemic which they felt must sooner or later infest the world (45). Because she [Germany] made no effort thousands of years ago, to become civilized as did her neighbors, Germany today is an outsider among all civilized nations (77).

Re-education the younger generation? Even were such a vast program put into operation it is highly doubtful whether it would be worth the effort, or achieve its objective. The soul is a greater and infinitely mor powerful force than the brain. Ande martial characteristics of the German are linked indelibly with his spirit and have become an integral part of his soul. Some day that war-soul would again come to dominate his brain. A final solution: ... There is, in fine, no other solution except one:

Germany must perish forever from this earth! And, fortunately, as we shal now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplish-ments. (82,83).

There remains now but to determine the best way, the most practical and expeditious manner in which the ultimate penalty must be livied upon the German nation. Quite naturally, massacre and wholesale execusion must be ruled out. In addition to being impractical when applied to a population of some seventy million, such methods are inconsistent with the moral obligations and ethical practices of civilization. There remains the but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism - and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal ....

Sterilization ... is a safe and simple operation, quite harmless and painless, neither mutilating nor unsexing the patient. Its effects are no more serious than a tooth extraction ... The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexec territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 - a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45 ... Taking 20,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization ... The balance of the male civilian population of Germany could be treated within three month. (86-88)."

Germany Must Perish, Argyle Press, Newark, New Jersey 1941, USA. The numbers in brackets represent the page numbers in the book.

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