Recently a poster with the handle "triskelion" at the Sam Francis Online Forum placed a couple of posts (reproduced below) that you may want to consider for your "Daily Reads" page, or even for permanent inclusion. Triskelion is an estimable individual, a native of the Faeroe Islands (a Danish possession) resident in Denmark. (He is a former Mensa member who quit the organization in disgust.) The events he describes happened to him recently in Denmark, but constitute only his latest brushes with the law there. His reference to the old book containing runes relates to previous posts about  the fact that the use or possession of runic symbols by Whites in the Scandinavian countries has been outlawed.
Spelling errors are due to the fact that English is not his native language.
I think the posts are worthwhile because they present a vivid picture of the kind of racial totalitarianism that has descended over Europe, and that we will soon be experiencing here. Most people are unaware of the Kafkaesque and Orwellian nature of racial "laws" targeting Whites.
The Forum is being shut down permanently on March 1, so if you use the posts, you may want to reproduce them on your own site rather than simply link to them. At any rate, here is the link as it currently exists:
And here are the relevant comments (of course, you may want to edit them for suitability):
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Hello all,

Thanks for interest in my status. Basically, what happened is that I ran into a spot of bother with the Human Rights Commission and I had to deal with some pretty massive legal problems which prevented me from posting on this and a few other forums pending a ruling by the Tribunal of Prosecution. I won but I am currently awaiting the outcome of appeals by the prosecution.

In the mean time, I am barred from visiting plenty of sites because their servers (including the ones used by this site and plenty of others I visit) have been blocked by the state to all visitors from several Nordic nations. As a result, I had to change ISPs and completely redo my proxies and SSH setup to get back here.

Unfortunately, the police found an old Von List book with presently illegal runes illustrated and a copy of The G Factor during a raid last week so I have to go back into court on Tuesday and it looks to be a rough patch ahead . If I lose my up coming trial I should consider the upside that plenty of honourable nationalists should provide some good company to distract from the tedium of it all.

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Triskelion, all that you say is very interesting and very troubling. I would like to hear more about your recent ordeal.

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Towards the end of November I and several members of the Danske Forening along with a minor feminist organization organized a campaign in Aalborg to protest a series of gang rapes that have been happening over the course of several previous months. At the demonstrations a short paper was distributed which used police records to break down the race of the attackers and victims with no commentary other then that the mainstream media and the police could better protect the public by reporting such statistics rather then ignoring them and extolling the virtues of multi-culturalism.

Three days latter, I awoke at around 3 am to the sound of my door being smashed followed by several police pressing guns into my face as my home was ransacked in a search for materials "likely to incite civil unrest, racial hatred and/or undermine democracy". It turns out that the flyer mentioned earlier offended the Senegalese, Iraqi and Kurdish communities who brought the matter to the attention of the Human Rights Commission's Tribunal of Prosecution which put me through a brief show trial before convicting me. During my confinement, my home was repeatedly vandalized, one of my autos set on fire and my family constantly threatened and harassed with no action taken by the police. As a result, I had them move back to the Isles for safety's sake.

My council had this ruling overturned on the basis that none of the flyers had any indication that I personally was involved with the composition or distribution of the handbill. The prosecution has called for a retrial on the grounds that as an organizer of the protests I should have prevented the distribution of any material likely to provoke civil unrest, racism or anti democratic values. If I lose the retrial I face 18 months to 4 years imprisonment although the possibility exists that such a sentence could be suspended or degraded if I publicly denounce "xenophobia" and actively support "multi - cultural education and tolerance programs" as recommended by the court. No matter what happens, I have decided not to take such an offer and compromise my stance as I simply could not look myself or family in the face if did so.

The upshot of all of this is that I am convinced that the kind of dissidents found on this board will face the same treatment in the next 10 years or less and you best think about how to deal with such unpleasantness as individuals and as a group. Of course, repression does have an upside in that it does tend to energize the arm chair rightists to support patriotic parties rather then deal with the same tired old collection of traitorous pseudo conservatives that support ending Western Civilization with almost the same enthusiasm of the left. I suppose that the big upswing in genuine opposition here as seen by the last election is an indication that things can improve. But some times, it is hard to not to despondent or be blind
with rage.

posted 02-17-2002 06:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for triskelion     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Native Exile asked if tyhe rapists were caught and placed into prision. The anwser is no for the most part. To the best of my knowledge only 5 out of something like 20-25 rapists were arrested and not a single one was convicted yet.

The bad news is that of 17 women and children they raped one is now dead, 2 are in a coma, an additional 4 are still hospitalized and all have had their lives ruined. The government doesn't seem to care and the press thinks it's racist to mention the matter so they don't.

As a general rule, if aliens or leftists here attack natives they are not cought and if they are they are not put in prision. If a patriot is attacked chances are almost zero that they will see justice done as the state does every thing possible to stop the police from punishing leftist terrorists from groups like ANAL, BATAR or Antifa unless they attack police.

As to Mr. Mitchell, while I am sure that 10000 of my lansmen could be counted on for such a rally the government has denied any nationalist group the right to march since the demo i was at.

You should know that the young feminist and social democrat that set up the rally with me was subject to a fine equal to roughly 3000 dollars but faced no jail time because this was her first offense and she has had no previous conection with patriotic efforts. The good news is that several dozen young women from her group have since joined various populist and nationalist organizations.

As to Mr. Joseph I can say that a moderate nationalist party is part of the present coalition and they are working to overturn the police state and reduce multi-racialism. Unfortunately, they are just one party out of a coalition of 4 so I don't see them getting much done in the near term.

As to the Americans I must support what Mr. Westman says. Your country is undergoing a massive decline and it will be a third world country within 30 years. Within another 8 years the GOP will ether become a full blown democratic socialist party like those in Europa or they will be unelectable. Americans better get serious about protecting what remains of their country and stop pretending that the neo-cons are anything other then your enemies. If you don't do so soon you'll face problems worse then mine and more like what Germans and Swedes contend with.

Best wishes,
Paul Westman

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