Letters on the St Pete Pigeon Flap

Published by the St Pete Times 05 Dec 01 in the Neighborhood Times section


"What are council members thinking?"

Re: Council gives [auto] race the go-ahead, Nov 30

Noise, fumes, damage to streets, including oil trails, PLUS this company still owing thousands of dollars from its last venture here -- and the St Petersburg City Council gives unanimous support.

But it also has time to give a measurement of birdseed that may be given at one time (Bird feeders rationed to 1 ounce a day, Nov 30)

Come on, this can't be true. What can be in the minds of council members? --Dorothy E Cooper, St Petersburg


"Good sense goes to the birds"

Re: Bird feeders rationed to 1 ounce a day, Nov 30

While Americans across our country are trying to cope with the violence and tragedy that invaded our nation on Sept 11, our elected officials in St Petersburg seemed to have lost grap of their senses and are spending their time, and our money, on a crusade that makes feding wild birds a crime.

I have hung out on this planet quite a few years and seen people do some mighty strange things, but to put it in bird terms, the City Council is really flying over the coocoo's nest. --Guy Nash, St Petersburg



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